Agape reopens store for shoppers

SIDNEY — Agape Distribution Food Pantry is now open to registered shoppers

According to John Geissler, this is what shoppers can expect if they want to shop inside the store.

Shoppers should park in a numbered spot in front of the building. They should call the number and reception will register the family.

The family will be invited into the building to shop. Every grocery item is limited as to how many they may take. Taking too many items may cause shopping privileges to be stopped.

Shoppers should bag their groceries, take them to your car and return the cart inside the building. If you do not return the cart, the person will not be allowed to shop.

COVID concerns

If a person does not wish to enter the building because of COVID concerns, alternative shopping plans are in place. The person should park in a numbered spot and call the number for reception to register the family.

A grocery order will be pulled and brought and loaded in the car.

The peerson will not have to enter the building but they will not be able to choose items. They will receive everything on the shelves.

If there are items the person does not like, yhey should give the items to a neighbor or relative.