Be Set Free for Recovery! walk planned

Painted Lady Butterflies will be released for event.

Painted Lady Butterflies will be released for event.

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SIDNEY — Be Set Free for Recovery! If you or someone you know struggles with drug or alcohol addictions or mental health, then the walk for recovery event is for you. Samaritan Works is holding a walk event on Saturday Sept. 18, from noon to 3 p.m. at the Sidney High School Track and Field Complex.

The walk’s goal is to bring awareness of all the services the community provides for those who struggle with these issues. Shelby County has some resources in Sidney and around the community. The walk event will be sponsored by Samaritan Works Inc. as well as the supporting organizations of Family Resource Center, New Vision of Wilson Health, Bright View Services of Piqua, STAR HOUSE (recovery) of Shelby County Jail facility, Safe Haven services of Shelby, Miami and Darke counties, Tri-County Mental Health of Shelby, Miami and Darke counties.

A grant was received through Cargill Cares of $2,000 to help offset expenses for the event. Dannon is donating drinkable yogurts, Freshway Foods is donating packaged apple slices, granola bars from Agape Food Warehouse and water from Samaritan Works. The Walk for Recovery event is about bringing the community together to remember those who have suffered or passed away from addiction or mental health.

There will be a live butterfly release at 2pm as names are read of those in memory who have passed away or in hopes of finding recovery/mental health resources. The butterflies will be released individually as names are read aloud. This will be a special time of showing compassion and hope for those remembered.

Several guest speakers throughout the event will be sharing about service resources. Several people will share their testimony of how their lives were changed once finding recovery resources!

Pastor Eileen Hix, from Sidney First United Methodist Church, will start off with encouraging words and prayer. Several praise and worship bands from local churches and local vocal artists will be sharing their talents during the walk event. Samaritan Works is excited to have this opportunity to support the community for recovery and mental health.

Sidney High School athletics is allowing the group the use of the track and field complex to host this event.

To participate everyone needs to fill out the form found online at or the Samaritan Works Facebook page. Forms and payment can be mailed or dropped off at the Samaritan Works office, 315 E. Court St. Unit 1.

Package options to participate in the event are available. To walk in the event is $10; a T-shirt and walk is $15; and to walk, get a T-shirt and purchase a butterfly is $30. Butterflies can be purchased for $10 each per name read during the event. Should someone not be able to attend the day of event, someone present will release the butterfly while the name is read. All forms and payments need to be turned in by Sept. 3.

For more information, contact Samarian Works at 937-638-4545 or to get a form from the office at 315 E. Court St. Unit 1. Also, online at .

Painted Lady Butterflies will be released for event. Lady Butterflies will be released for event. Courtesy photo