Life begins at 50

By Rachel Hale

“Life begins at 50”!

This is the theme for the Gateway Arts Council’s Bad Art by Good People event.

This theme has really gotten me thinking about the changes we experience as we age. Not just turning 50 but at each stage of our lives. For example, when we are children the biggest and most important thing on our minds is having fun, being a kid and enjoying life. We have no fears, will try anything that looks fun and even if we fall off the horse, we wear the injury with pride. I know I had more than a few bumps, bruises and scabbed over injuries in my youth.

Our teenage years are filled with a multitude of activities such as school, sports, hobbies, friends and looking ahead to what we want to be when we grow up. After graduation the next chapter is our 20s and 30s. Some go off to college, some start work right away and others start families. I remember when my oldest son started kindergarten, I was left with a feeling of “what do I do now”. I had another son so my time was filled quickly, however, that feeling came back again when they grew up and moved out, starting their own next chapter.

As our children grow and become adults we realize that we are now 50 plus with a lot more time, a lot more room in the house and a lot of opportunity to revisit our “wish list” of things we always wanted to do, but just never had time.

So, What does Life Begins at 50 look like to you? That is what the artists for the Bad Art by Good People have been tasked with creating as a piece of art. I have seen a few and am absolutely amazed! There are so many options, ideas and opportunities. Best thing about this stage of life is that the sky is the limit.

Maybe now you pick up a new hobby that you always wanted to do, or go back to one that you used to love before life took over. Maybe you are able to retire early and can start that small business you have always dreamed of. Perhaps you intend on traveling to all 50 states.

I remember when I was younger turning 50 was considered “Over the Hill”. People would throw parties with black balloons and tease about sitting in rocking chairs and bouncing grandbabies on your lap. While grandbabies are wonderful, or so I am told, turning 50 is the furthest thing from being Over the Hill! It is time to take risks and try new things, time to get back to doing things just because you enjoy them, time to chart a new course in life. Most of all, it is not a downhill slide. Unless of course you on at a waterpark enjoying life!!

I encourage everyone that is reading this to check out the Gateway Arts Council’s Facebook page, see all the wonderful pieces of art that depict “Life begins at 50” and vote for your favorite! Proceeds from this event will benefit the Gateway Arts Council AND The Senior Center of Sidney-Shelby County.

Do you want to start your own “Life begins at 50” adventure? Stop down to the Center at 304 S. West Ave., Sidney for a tour and two free visits! See all the activities and find that something new to try!

Until I see you at the Center,

Have a Blessed Day,

Rachel Hale

By Rachel Hale

The writer is the executive director of the Senior Center of Sidney and Shelby County.

The writer is the executive director of the Senior Center of Sidney and Shelby County.