ODOT seeking public comments

SIDNEY — The Ohio Department of Transportation District 7 is seeking public comments regarding the following projects:

Multi-County Bridge Maintenance Project, PID 110155 – ODOT proposes to address erosion issues at several bridge locations in Clark and Montgomery Counties: state Route 41 over Buck Creek, Interstate 70 over North Branch of Wolf Creek, and Interstate 75 over Holes Creek. The project is necessary maintenance. The project is expected to begin in spring 2024

Three County Bridge Preservation Project, PID 108099 – ODOT proposes to undertake maintenance activities on six bridge systems in Darke, Miami and Shelby Counties: U.S. 36 over Bridge Creek; U.S. 127 over Maple Swamp Ditch; state Route 571 over the Great Miami River; State Route 47 over Turtle Creek; state Route 47 over Plum Creek; and Interstate 75 over Plum Creek. The project is necessary to address deteriorated conditions and extend the lifespans of these structures. The project is expected to begin in spring 2024.

Webster Station Ramp Connector, PID 115157 – The Miami Conservancy District proposes to convert an existing emergency/service access ramp to a multi-use trail connector. Under the project, a 12-foot wide asphalt ramp with appropriate aggregate base and pavement markings will be provided. The project will provide bike and pedestrian access between development within Tech Town and other businesses along Webster Street and the Mad River Trail. The project is expected to occur in spring/summer 2023.

Additional information regarding the above projects are available at the ODOT PROJECTS page or go to:


You can easily search for each of the above projects by entering the project’s unique PID number into the “Search by Keyword” filter.

Comments may be submitted by contacting Tricia Bishop. Issues the public may wish to comment on include, but are not limited to, the effect of the project on local residents, air quality, the local economy, and historic or cultural resources. Comments should be submitted by Thursday, March 31, 2022 .

Those interested in giving feedback on the above project can submit their comments to Tricia Bishop at 937-497-6721.