Shelby celebrates National County Government Month

Work of county government builds stronger counties for stronger Ohio

SIDNEY – The Board of Commissioners of Shelby County are recognizing National County Government Month during April to highlight how local leaders work to build healthy, safe and vibrant counties for the people they serve by recently issuing a Proclamation noting “Counties Thrive!”

“Counties are the state’s partner in delivering critical services such as justice and public safety, infrastructure, child and senior protective services, election administration and much more,” Board President Julie Ehemann said. “We want to take this opportunity to recognize the efforts of our fellow public servants and staff who work diligently to carry out these essential functions.”

“Not everyone realizes the many roles that county government plays in their daily lives,” said Commissioner Bob Guillozet. “National County Government Month is an opportunity to highlight the work that is done every day to improve the lives of Ohioans and to celebrate those who make it all possible.”

“Shelby County is very special, and we hope that residents explore the many ways their county serves them and helps to make it a great place to call home,” added Commissioner Tony Bornhorst.

The Commissioners are working to highlight different aspects of county services in April by posting “County Fun Facts” on their social media, in the Sidney Daily News and on TAM FM radio.

County government provides critical services to all Ohioans across all 88 counties. Nationwide, over 3,000 counties serve more than 300 million Americans.

Work of county government builds stronger counties for stronger Ohio