JC awarded grant for road improvements

Staff report

JACKSON CENTER — The State of Ohio Controlling Board HAS awarded a Roadwork Development Grant for the village of Jackson Center to support the continued growth of Airstream, Inc. The Grant was awarded for public roadwork improvements that support the expansion or attraction of businesses. The project is a cooperative effort which also includes participation from Airstream, the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Village of Jackson Center. Eligible costs include widening, paving, road construction and reconstruction, and right-of-way infrastructure improvements such as sewer or utility lines.

“The Village of Jackson Center is very excited about the new developments at Airstream. Airstream is a longtime community partner providing excellent job opportunities for Village and Shelby County residents,” said Bruce Metz, Jackson Center Village Administrator. “We are pleased to assist in this project and thank Airstream for their investment in our community.”

Airstream has recently expanded its factory and production capacity by nearly 200,000 square feet. In support of the company’s expansion, the roadway project will consist of adding a left turn lane on Airstream Drive going north, at the intersection of West Pike Street and Airstream Drive. An additional left turn lane will be added going south on Airstream Drive at the intersection of Airstream Drive and West Pike Street. The roadwork will also include four new crosswalks on Airstream Drive. In addition to the turn lanes and crosswalks, street lights will be added on Airstream Drive. The roadway improvements include full depth pavement removal, excavation, storm sewer repair/replacement, catch basins, and resurfacing with full depth asphalt stabilization and general re-paving.

“We are very appreciative of the cooperative efforts made by the village of Jackson Center, JobsOhio, Ohio Development Services Agency, the Dayton Development Coalition, the Sidney-Shelby Economic Partnership and the Ohio Department of Transportation,” said Airstream President Bob Wheeler. “This roadway improvement will enhance the safe and efficient flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic on our campus.”

Airstream, manufacturer of the iconic “silver bullet” travel trailer, is the longest-tenured recreational vehicle manufacturer in North America. Following founder Wally Byam’s credo, “Let’s not make changes, let’s only make improvements,” Airstream has remained a timeless classic. Byam’s vision for Airstream trailers was to use these design- and quality-driven products to allow people to dream, travel and explore the open road. A subsidiary of Thor Industries, Airstream is based in Jackson Center, Ohio, where a team of craftsmen remains dedicated to preserving the brand’s legendary reputation for quality and innovation.

“Our region has a strong manufacturing history, and Airstream’s investment in its Jackson Center operations speaks to why that sector continues to grow,” said Julie Sullivan, the Dayton Development Coalition’s Vice President for Business Development. “We believe they have a great future in Jackson Center and Shelby County.”

Airstream’s total employment will grow to around 800 associates over the next couple of years … as a result of this project (initiated several months ago) and the State assistance provided.

“Airstream has been one of our largest employers in Shelby County,” said Sidney-Shelby Economic Partnership Executive Director Mike Dodds. “We are excited they have chosen to continue to grow their operations in our community.”

For more information, visit www.airstream.com, call 877-596-6111 or contact Airstream Inc., 419 W. Pike Street, P.O. Box 629, Jackson Center, OH 45334.

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Staff report