Houston Community Association chooses 2016 scholarship winners

Staff report

HOUSTON — The Houston Community Association met May 4 to decide this year’s scholarship winners.

This year there were seven Houston High Senior’s that qualified for the scholarship by having volunteer hours/points and parent participation in the association’s activities.

They are as follows Emily Cozad ($500, 107 volunteer hours in six years), Deion Booher ($500, 46 volunteer hours in six years), Cody Meyer ($500, 43 volunteer hours in six years), Josie Davis ($500, 50 volunteer hours in five years), Andrew Sluss ($250, 25.5 volunteer hours in six years), Derrick Mayse ($250, 17 volunteer hours in two years), and Nick Shoemaker ($250, 10.5 volunteer hours in two years).

The money for the scholarships comes from the Pizza Friday Nights held the first Friday of October, November, December, January, February and March.

Also at the meeting it was discussed trustees are gathering bids to replace the roof at the fair food booth. Trustees also discussed increasing the hall rental rates. This was tabled until the June meeting.

At the June meeting trustees will also be discussing the upcoming Houston Classic Festival weekend and what items we will have available to eat. The dates for the festival are June 24 and 25. Workers will be needed to help with this event from set up to tear down. Also any Houston student who might be interested in applying for their scholarship in the future should call a trustee to let them know you would like to work a shift or two.

The next meeting will be June 1, at 7 p.m.

Staff report