Board OKs variance for garage

By Michael Seffrin -

SIDNEY — A homeowner who wants to build a large garage on his property got the OK from the Sidney Zoning Board of Appeals Monday, although he’ll have to change the dimensions of the building to conform with city regulations.

The board approved a conditional-use permit requested by Timothy DeWeese, 340 Bowman Drive, to put up a 1,040-square-foot garage. DeWeese needed the variance because city regulations say accessory structures in an R-1, single-family district can’t be more than 1,000 square feet.

Community Services Director Barbara Dulworth told the board the garage would be permitted as a conditional use under city regulations; however, the building, as proposed in DeWeese’s original plans, would extend 5 feet into the area required as a side-yard setback. “DeWeese could either reduce the depth of the structure, or turn it so that the long axis is parallel to the street,” she said in her report. She said DeWeese also could ask for a variance to the side-yard setback, but in discussion with the board, it was noted the situation probably doesn’t meet the requirements for a variance.

DeWeese told the board if he turned the garage sideways, that would not leave enough room for an approach to the building. He plans to store a camper in the garage.

After discussion between DeWeese and the board, DeWeese determined he could shorten the building from 40 feet to 35 feet and widen it. This would leave him with a building of approximately the same square footage, but one that would meet the side-yard setback requirements.

By Michael Seffrin

The writer may be contacted at 937-538-4823 and on Twitter @MikeSeffrinSDN.

The writer may be contacted at 937-538-4823 and on Twitter @MikeSeffrinSDN.