Auglaize real estate transfers

WAPAKONETA – The real estate transfers listed below have been recorded at the office of Auglaize County Recorder Chris Lambert between May 9, and July 1, 2016.


David and June Walter to Quickest Storage LTD. Co., Lot 1 and Part 28, $50,000


Charles Fullenkamp to Theodore and Carol Heckman, Lot 19 (replat) Rosebud Acres, $75,000

Dorothy Barlage to James and Megan Willis, Lot 4 Block D, $136,000

Ann Ernst, et al, to Weigandt Land Co. LTC, Lot 70 Block H, $32,500

Neal Hinker, et al, to Nancy Boehnlein, Part Lot 13 block A, $175,000

Samuel and Elizabeth Hinker to Mark Travis, Part Lot 53 Block E, $113,000

Neil Homan to Craig Lehmkule, Part Lot 50-51 block G and H, $168,000

Richard and Julia Helmer to Curtis and Amanda Eilerman, Lot 31 Block C, $132,766

New Bremen

Jonathan and Tanya Ochenas to Christopher and Nellie Schmidt, Part lot 18, Meadowbrook Subdivision, $199,500

Andrew Kuck to Bud and Shaun Vanover, Lot 9, $94,000

Hometown Housing Solutions LLC to Heather Baker, Lot 177, Originial Plat, $116,500

Wanda Miller to Good Ole Boys Inc., Part lots 380-382, $120,000

Nathan Hirschfeld to Randall and Melinda Clark, Lot 91, $29,000

Bruce and Rhonda Bergman to Mark and Teresa Yingling, Lot 104 Pioneer Subdivision #4, $319,900

Melvin Torres to Richard Bell, Part Lot 161, $124,000

Kenneth Roth to Crown Equipment Corporation, Part lot 35 original plat, $120,000

Glenn and Mary Laws to Jordan and Amanda Coffman, Lot 6 Shanverton Court, $115,133

Robert and Gwen Staton to Matthew and Lilliana Burke, Lot 257 Vogelsang Addition, $157,000

Erin Stueve Topp and Carla Topp to Bejamin Barga, Lot 77 Hirchfelds Tenton Subdivision, $171,000

Bradley and Tonja Smith to Jordan and Jackie Christman, Lot 40 Pioneer Subdivision #2, $267,000

Wesley Stienecker to Stacey O’Dell and Justin Kremer, Part Lot 97 Original Plat, $219,000

Marjorie Rose to Jeffery and Brooke Wente, Lot 317 Ober Bremen Subdivision, $68,800

Justin and Kimberly Martin to Logan and April Sommer, Lot 1, Deerfield Run Subdivision, $240,000

KCERP-PTNSP. to Clay Bertke, Lot 443 and Part 444, $76,000

Gregory and Tammy Reynolds to Joseph Modic, Lot 318, $110,000

Jeffrey and Lindsay Quellhorst to Carla and Erin Topp, Lots 6 and 11 Tetom Subdivision, $267,000

New Knoxville

Robert and Brenda Hughs to William and Kathy Fowler, Part lot 50, $125,000

Mary Jane Roode -by exec. to Cory and Laura Gengler, Part FR4 German Reformed Subdivision, $69,500

New Knoxville Community Improvement Corp to Jill Holland, Lot 18 Westphalia Est., $28,900

Barbara Kuck Trustee to Davis Family Property Management LLC, Part Out Lot 5, $48,000

Richard Elsass to Davis Family Property Management LLC, Part Out Lot 5, $1,000

Michael Niemeyer to Steven and Marcia Wierwille, Lot 2 and Part Lot 3 Eschmeyers Subdivision, $24,266

Michael Niemeyer to David and Kimberly Meyer, Lot 4 and Part Lots 3 and 5 Eschmeyers Subdivision, $24,266

German Township

Dean and Susan Quellhorst to Jeffrey and Lindsay Quelhorst, Part Section 3, $18,766

Jackson Township

Louis Albers et al to Zachary and Allison Sommer, Part section 29(2A), $40,000

Pusheta Township

Douglas Greve to G.A. Winzter & Son Company, Part Section 17 (10A), $300,000

Timothy and Kenda Smith to Golden Fresh Farms Enterprises LP, Part Section4, $275,000

Brian Schnippel to David and Angela Hicks, Part Section 5, $111,900

Emerson Wagner Realty Co. Inc. to Golden Fresh Farms Enterprises LP, Part Section 4, $1,119,600

Daniel and Beth Klosterman to Brea Quellhorst, Part Section 17, $126,000

Tammie Welsch to Joshua Aldrich, Part Section 20, $86,000

Washington Township

John and Mary Anna Hemmert to James and Kelly Meyer, Part section 23, $272,000

Wilma Lammers to Equity Trust Company, Lot 4, Union Station Subdivision, $100,000

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman