Botkins Council awards Edgewood Street bid

By Alexandra Newman -

BOTKINS — The Botkins Village Council awarded the bid for the Edgewood Street rebuild project at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

The lowest bid was made for $463,000 by Donald A. Summers, Inc. The bid process closed last Thursday, and three bids were received. The engineer’s estimate for the project was $547,000.

“I think it’s a good number for the Village of Botkins. It’s below our budget, but that just means we have to make sure we can hold them to that number,” Botkins Village Administrator Ryan Piche said. “They’re a good crew. They can save money in ways other folks can’t.”

The bid was significantly less than the other’s mainly because they don’t think they will have to cut open County Road 25A to access the water and storm sewer mains, Piche said. They think they can underground bore through. The other companies stated 25A needed to be cut open and shut down for a couple days. Summers thinks they can do it without disrupt to traffic flow.

It’s a deviation of the engineer’s plan, but if they can do it, more power to them, Piche said.

The state approved the project Tuesday, and it should start next week. It has to be finished by Oct. 31, according to the contract.

“We’re happy to be working with them. They know a lot of the residents on the street and have already been out talking with them,” Piche said.

Also at the council meeting Tuesday night the council assigned address for the new subdivision. It will be the 400 block.

The council and mayor approved two additional people to be added to the Botkins Fire Department roster: Dillon Underwood and Ben Aufderhaar. They were both junior firefighters. Aufderhaar is certified already, and Underwood and several others will be attending a class in Kettlersville this fall. They both graduated from Botkins High School in May.

The next Botkins Village Council meeting will be July 26.

By Alexandra Newman

Reach this writer at 937-538-4825.

Reach this writer at 937-538-4825.