Shelby County Junior Fair Dog Show


Junior-Blaine Simpson

Intermediate-Jenna Allen

Senior-Ethan Baughman


Beginner Novice A

Best of Class: Lindsey Thornhill

Honorable Mention: Nick Fry

Beginner Novice B

Best of Class: Cameron Bowersock

Honorable Mention: Ethan Baughman


Best of Class: Preston Shannon

Honorable Mention: Aaron Simpson

Novice A

Best of Class: Lauren Thornhill

Novice B

Best of Class: Carly Drury

High Point Obedience – Lindsey Thornhill


Junior A

Alaina Baughman

Brianna Brewer

Lindsey Thornhill

Junior B

Elijah Baughman

Aaron Simpson

Blaine Simpson

Daisy Barker

Intermediate A

Nick Fry

Jonathan Wreede

Intermediate B

Addison Brewer

Lauren Thornhill

Isaiah Baughman

Senior A

Emily Holt

Senior B

Ethan Baughman

Carly Drury

Cameron Bowersock

Connor Drury

Ben Wical

Preston Shannon

Showman of Showmen – Ethan Baughman

Outstanding Dog Exhibitor – Aaron Simpson and Lindsey Thornhill