July real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are all of the real estate transfers that took place in Shelby County during July. Listed is who sold the property to whom, the street the property is located on, and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website http://cama.shelbycountyauditors.com/cama/.


Linda Shaffer to 937 Real Estate LLC, West Main Street, $140,000

Brittany Fullenkamp to Rebeccas Baker, Meadowview Lane, $92,000

Brian and Rebecca Egbert to Drew Guisinger and Krista Blankenship, Christie Avenue, $111,000


Richard and Connie Vanhorn to Jimmy King, Edgewood Street, $115,500

Fort Loramie

Ruth Aselage to Eric Brackman, Elm Street, $83,000

Jackson Center

Anthony and Deanna Burch to Ryan Burch, Cole Street, $90,000

J Henry Wacker Farm LLC to KK Telco Inc., North Main Street, $30,000

Melinda and Timothy Gies to Marcus Ratliff, Elder Street, $124,000


Edward and Kathleen Burden to Rodney and Jacquelyn Messer, State Route 274, $60,000

Jonathan Wreede to Kenneth Roth, State Route 274, $65,000


Patrick Reed to Phyllis Morrison, Ute Trail and Museum Trail, $75,o00

Port Jefferson

John Walter to Tyler and Sophia Burden, Pasco-Montra Road, $114,000

Donald Carey Jr. to Travis and Hazel Reeves, West Main Street, $3,000


Craig Borchers to Keith and Megan Wuebker and Steven Wuebker, West Main Street, $124,500


Frank and Barbara Neville to Alpha Community Center, Court Street, $57,475

Roger and Freda Schroer trustee to Lisa Alvetro and Thomas Rossman, Forest Street, $75,000

Marcella Huecker to Charles and Patricia Anthony, Westwood Drive, $132,500

TCFC Investments LTD to Rodney Austin, Arthur Court, $226,000

Gregory and Priscilla Wilt to Jeana Azbell, Winter Ridge Drive, $167,000

Elva Smith to Carl and Ellen Barhorst, Wilson Avenue, $40,000

Marcella Albers to Keith and Elaine Cantrell, Twinbrook Place, $185,500

Roger and Barbara Holmgren to Megan Cathcart and Derrill Davis III, Lynn Street, $99,900

Richard Gano Sr. to Brian and Charlene Caudill, West Parkwood Street, $119,900

Frank and Barbara Neville to D&H Trucking Services LLC, Miami Avenue and Court Street, $66,000

Ronald Foulkes to Anthony and Bridget Douglas, South Ohio Avenue, $20,500

Barbara Echemann trustee to Fast Properties LLC, Russell Road, $219,500

Timothy and Rebecca Musser to Laura Flaute, Evergreen Drive, $72,000

ETT Investments Inc. to Timothy and Melinda Gies, Winter Ridge Drive, $39,000

Miguel Topalov to Katrina Gilardi, Westlake Drive, $237,000

Jack and Peggy Wilson to Linda Gilmore, North East Avenue, $109,900

Wayne Watercutter to Fleeta Gray and Richard Pulfer, Evergreen Drive, $74,000

Betty Flanagan to Charles and Shelby Holloway, North Main Avenue, $112,000

Michael and Julie Henman to Brianna and Carrie Johnson, Dingman Street, $83,900

Chris Wooddell to Randy and Linda Kerns, Evergreen Drive, $131,000

Donna Short to Laura Lafever, Huron Court, $198,832

Timothy and Mary Echemann to Eric and Brenda Lee, Chestnut Avenue, $174,500

Jeffrey and Debra Woodard to Christopher and Jennifer Long, Fulton Street, $78,000

Jeana Azbell to Rosemary and Bradley McCarthy, Marva Lane, $297,000

Timothy and Crystal Lawrence to Brenda McIver, Aldrin Drive, $130,000

Mary Olding to Jeffrey Miller, South Main Avenue, $50,400

Freund Rentals LLC to Michael and Angelina Mullet, South Main Avenue, $100,000

ETT Investments Inc. to Cody and Kamie Nelson, Springboro Trail, $189,000

Shelby 1471 LLC to NLB Realty LTD, Bennett Street, $20,000

Mark and Carey Bonifas to Christopher and Amanda North, East Ruth Street, $125,000

Lisa Minton to Robert Pavlik Jr., Bon Air Drive, $129,900

Thomas Alexander II and Ashley Alexander to Patrick Reed, Fair Oaks Drive, $93,000

M&W Development Co. to Anthony and Joan Schroeder, St. Clair Drive, $55,000

Christina Swiger to Charlotte Sharp, King Court, $80,000

Elva Smith to Tonya Sheppard, East Robinwood Street, $132,000

Rick Hageman and Judy Klopfesten to Michael Shonk, Lunar Street, $110,500

Bryan and Tiffany Hoersten to Jessica Snow, West Ruth Street, $103,500

Barry McClelland to Kimberly Stewart, Gemini Drive, $110,000

Miguel Topalov to David Temple, Liberty Court, $85,000

Beverly Sadgebury to John and Marcella Walter, Viking Court, $89,000

Tonya Sheppard to Angela Waxler, West Parkwood Street, $137,000

Benjamin Gates to Chelsie and Eric Whitt, East Ruth Street, $90,000

J&D Investments LLC to Wilcox Investments LLC, Clinton Avenue, South Main Avenue, West Michigan Street and South Miami Avenue, $130,000

Alan Michael to Tom Wroda, West South Street, $10,000

Cynthian Township

Tom and Becky Martin to Tonne Bebrito, Wright-Moyer Road, $200,000

Irene Lochtefeld to Tony and Biana Dunlevy, Newport Road, $88,000

Dinsmore Township

Bob and Elaine Echols to Ronald and Brenda Adams, Amsterdam Road, $273,000

Franklin Township

Dustin and Ashley Ungericht to Krystal gate and Benjamin Gates, State Route 29, $218,500

ETT Investments Inc. to Cody and Kamie Nelson, Springboro Trail, $189,000

Craig and Christine Hughes to Dustin and Ashley Ungericht, Mason Road, $265,000

Green Township

HBA Investments Inc. to Emerson Wagner Realty Co., Wiles Road, $209,250

Rita Bigelow to Daniel and Kristen Francis, Leatherwood Creek Road, $108,000

Clay Serenbetz to Phillip Groves, State Route 29 and McCloskey-School Road, $437,500

John Flaute to Scott and Donna Hughes, Middleton-Hume Road, $162,000

Jeffrey and Linda Richmond to Jeffrey and Savanna Richmond, Frazier-Guy Road, $57,986

US Bank to Zach Sandlass, State Route 29, $45,600, and (Perry Township) State Route 29, $61,000

Russell and Jana Brown to Rycki Schmiesing, Tawawa-Maplewood Road, $78,000

Jackson Township

Phillip and Melissa Woolley to Clinton and Sherri Hager, Montra Road, $10,000

Richard Wehner to Trenton Mann, State Route 274, $25,000

Loramie Township

Theresa Alexander to Craig and Mary Borchers, Miller Road, $80,000

Jacob Benanzer to Dustin Hilyard and Danielle Hilyard, State Route 66, $135,000

Glenn and Donna Monnin to Joyce and Keith Kittel, Russia-Versailles Road, $161,400

McLean Township

Brent and Susan Dawson to Jeffrey Burke, Ash Road, $30,000

Orange Township

Alan Kolsky to Jacob and Mary Bertsch, Knoop-Johnston Road, $107,500

Helen Van Dine to Brian James trustee, I-75 and Miami Shelby Road, $10,000

Salem Township

George Frazier to Thomas Alexander II and Ashley Alexander, Ailes Road, $124,000

Turtle Creek Township

Alice Glass to John Geise etal, Patterson-Haplin Road, $35,000

Van Buren Township

Whitefeather Development Corp. to Mark and Lisa Ahlers, Whitefeather Trail, $25,000

Steven and Marcia Wierwille to Todd and Erin Elsass, Botkins Road, $375,000

Michael and Lori Shaw to Joel Finn, Botkins Road, $219,900

Wendell Mobley to Robert and Janet Thompson, East Shelby Road, $375,000

Washington Township

James Fink to R&L Investments LLC, Schenk Road, $275,000

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman