Commission member attends Quincy council meeting

Staff report

QUINCY — Brad Bodenmiller from Logan-Union-Champaign Regional Planning Commission was present at the village of Quincy Council meeting to introduce himself and look at the needs of the village in Logan County.

An issue with an overpayment of income tax was discussed. Council has been informed that three deposits have been received from a company in Quincy Missouri called Express Script. This is the second time this issue has been a problem and at this time the problem has not been secured. Council is discussing the issue and contacting the village solicitor regarding the situation to determine the action necessary to correct the problem permanently and decide how and when the overpayment will be corrected.

The second reading of an ordinance to increase the salary of the position of mayor in the village of Quincy and bring that position in line with Logan County. The salary will increase from $150 per month or $1,800 per year to $300 per month or $3,600. That will bring the salary to the bottom tier of mayors salaries in Logan County. The third reading will be at the next meeting of Council.

Council was informed that due to legislation passed by the State of Ohio regarding income tax collections, an ordinance needs to be passed by Dec. 31, 2015, to allow for collection of income tax for the village of Quincy. The solicitor will be ask to review the ordinance prior to any action being taken regarding this matter.

Lee’s roofing will be doing repairs to the Quincy-Miami Township Fire and Rescue building. Recent heavy rains have caused major leaks in the roof. It has been several years since any major work has been done. The process will be guaranteed for 20 years. It is a new process that used foam and a rubber membrane process and will cost $22,960.

Work on the Miami Street railroad crossing may result in temporary closing for work to be completed. A schedule has not been received from the railroad at this time, however the closing was advertised.

The village of Quincy will be pursuing information on work to the storm sewer system. At present it has been determined that the system is very old and work needs to be done to allow water to flow through the lines and help keep water from ponding for days. The needs of the project, costs of the project, and funding for the project are being researched. There may be possible repairs that can be done to take care of the situation. It has been determined that this project needs to be a priority at this time.

It was reported that a date when the paving of alleys has not be received at this time. Alleys have been prepared for the project to start whenever the project is scheduled. Alleys are an important part of the infrastructure of a transportation system and maybe be needed for emergency situations at any time. Quincy has not had funding to maintain alleys and many have build up of gravel that is causing water issues in many areas.

An issue with small vehicles being driven on village streets is being addressed. Only legal vehicles that are licensed by the state of Ohio with licensed drivers are permitted on village streets and are required to follow all traffic laws including stop signs, turn signals, and yield signs. The matter is being addressed by the Logan County Sheriff.

It was reported that the Joint Sewer Plant will be disposing of the sludge at the plant in mid to late August. A tube on the refrigeration unit used to store samples is being replaced. The next Joint Sewer Board meeting will be held Sept. 8, 2015, at 7 p.m. at the Joint Sewer Plant due to the Labor Day holiday.

All citizens are reminded to keep doors secured on vehicles, sheds, and homes. A recent rash of burglaries in the area is causing concern throughout the county. It seems unlocked areas are a target for such action.

Staff report

The meeting report was submitted by the fiscal officer of the village of Quincy.

The meeting report was submitted by the fiscal officer of the village of Quincy.