Council updated with sheriff’s office plans

Staff report

KETTLERSVILLE — During the August meeting of the Kettlersville Village Council, an update from Sheriff John Lenhart about the patrolling done of the village.

He reported Lt. Bender with the sheriff’s department is looking into how the village can recoup fine monies. The mayor will prepare a resolution for this item. Lt. Bender also requested a copy of the village codes and ordinances to enter into their record system, specifically the traffic/minor misdemeanor codes as other violations will fall under the Ohio Revised Code. Mayor to review Ordinance 02-02 where the village adopted the American Legal Publishing Ohio Basic Code 2002 Edition as the Code Ordinance for the Village of Kettlersville, to see if this meets the requirements of what Lt. Bender is requesting.

It was reported Asphalt Systems has completed all street repairs. The alley area in need of repairs has been graded; gravel will be ordered.

Choice One has informed the mayor that the pipeline on the Maurer property would need extensive work and provided an estimate in the amount of $42,880. Council discussed this item and decided to not repair pipeline issue at this time.

The following items have been addressed and resolved by the Shelby County Dog Warden: resident cited for not keeping dog on property that was hit, and the farm animals have been removed from a residence.

Council chamber restrooms have not been repaired at this time. Propane tank has been filled and the Well Assn submitted an invoice for 2016 water service for the council chambers.

Mayor Kaminsky spoke to Randy Wentz about Buehler’s opening a retail establishment, and it was noted that there are no zoning issues and resident may proceed with plans. Mayor submitted the old general store and apartments to the Shelby County Land Bank as a possible site to be demolished. Criteria was met as taxes are delinquent and properties are vacant.

Financial report for July: Expenses: $15,291.88 Receipts: $625, excluding direct deposits and interest.

Fiscal Officer Miller signed a 5-year-contract with Minster State Bank to be the village depository for the next 5 years. On a motion by Karen Berning, seconded by Betty Ike, council approved the repair of the village computer. Fiscal Officer Miller clarified with council that any work performed for the village requires a motion and approval by council before work is started. On a motion by Betty Ike, seconded by John Shumate, council approved and signed Resolution 2016-04 Resolution Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying them to the County Auditor

Staff report