Neighborhood Watch members attend meeting

Staff report

QUINCY — Residents in the village of Quincy, who are members of the Neighborhood Watch program, attended Nov. 8 council meeting.

They informed council that things are being monitored regarding some home invasions and drug problems in the village and invited anyone interested in providing a safer community to join the

local Neighborhood Watch Program. They expressed concern over unsightly properties not being maintained in the village and ask what could be done to change these conditions.

Council reported that ordinances are in place to prevent liter and high weeds from being a problem. Each case is handled on a one on one basis. The mayor works with the Logan County Health Department, Logan County Sheriff Department and Logan County Dog Warden when items warrant this type of action and home owners do not comply with laws.

Council asked if there are concerns or problems that they are brought to council with evidence of the violation such as pictures to determine the problem.

A concern was expressed about vehicles exceeding speed limits on Miami Street and failure to stop for school buses loading or unloading. It was noted that there are several bus stops on this street. The mayor said he would contact the Logan County Sheriff to determine whether a speed sign could be placed in the area to show drivers the speed they are traveling as opposed to the 25 mph speed limit and the need to stop for school buses when the lights are turned on.

Lane Wells was present for the meeting to attend a public meeting for a government class at his school. The Council recognized his presence and invited him to attend any meeting at any time.

Council voted to allow the mayor and fiscal officer to enter into an agreement with Civista Bank for five years in the amount of $34,805 to pay for the new well at an fixed interest rate of 4.74 percent. Council determined that spreading the payments out over a period of five years would allow the Water Fund to replenish some of the funds with the water rate increase going into effect Dec. 1, 2016. The first billing for this rate increase will be billed in January 2017.

The rate increase is $5 per month taking the water rate to $25.50 per month or a total bill of $75 per month.

Council voted to allow the mayor to enter into an agreement with the Logan County Sheriff Department at a new rate of $31 per hour at 20 hours per month. Council is still researching contracting a deputy for more hours with the Logan County Sheriff exclusively and sharing the expense with other areas of the County.

Kirk Helmandollar, administrator, reported that leaf pick up has started and will continue as long as needed and leaves are falling unless snow starts falling and equipment needs changed over to snow removal. Helmandollar asked that leaves not be raked into the curb due to clogging of storm drains with leaves during rainy times.

A Christmas Celebration will be held Dec. 3, 2016. Craft vendors are needed as well as anyone with ideas for activities and help with the program. Mary Robinson is coordinating the gathering. It was noted that Mr. and Mrs. Claus will be present for the gathering.

Staff report