SIDNEY — The following people applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County in November:

Lawrence Kemp and Jennifer Bush, of Sidney; Keesha Powers and Nicholas Wood, Sidney; Elizabeth Grace, of Sidney, and Steven Gruver, of Pittsfield, Pennsylvania; Ronald Rhoades and Marlene Crusey, of Sidney; Michelle McCarthy and Paul Zahn Jr., of Sidney; Julian Shiverdecker and Kelsey Kleinkopf, of Sidney; Kendra Calanchini and John Hey, of Sidney; Janelle Gephart and Christopher Meyer, of Fort Loramie; Eric Douglas and Kendra Funk, of Sidney; Elizabeth Szippl and Jared Fuelling, of Sidney; Camille Young and Jeffrey Shroyer, of Sidney; Hannah Tucker and Ryan Shirk, of Sidney; Elizabeth Timmerman, of Fort Loramie, and Trent Francis, of Russia, Ashley Ward and Ryan Hughes, of Sidney; Leane Pohaku and Emerald Maka, of Sidney; Hayley Barhorst, of Fort Loramie, and John Wolf, of Parkersburg, West Virginia; Ibrahima Sy and Sheyanne Heatherly, of Sidney; Jason Nation and Carrie Nation, of Sidney.

The following people filed for divorce in Shelby County recently:

Ashley Harrod v. Chet Harrod; Melanie Sims v. Bryan Sims; James Ludwig v. Jessica Ludwig; Leah Christman v. Gerald Christman; Heather Pothuisse v. Gary Pothuisse; Misty Stachler v. Christopher Stachler; Tracy Stimetz v. George Stimetz; Ndeye Kebe v. Baye Kebe; Claudiane Santana v. Leonardo Santana; Barbara Bowers v. Joshua Bowers; Stephanie Spradling v. Jonothon Spradling; Karee Burton v. Joshua Burton; Samantha Fitzpatrick v. Levi Fitzpatrick; Ronald Wolfe Jr. v. Krista Wolfe; Ronald Huecker v. Michelle Huecker; Valerie Allsup v. Warren Allsup; John Jenkins v. Michelle Jenkins; Charles Riddle v. Audrey Riddle; Chelsea Graham v. Nathan Graham; Samantha Wolfe v. Dorian Wolfe; Shirley Mullin v. Donald Mullin; Taylor Gross v. Ryder Gross; Jennifer Bowersock v. Jammie Bowersock; Tina Selvidge v. Donnie Selvidge; Amber Kruger v. Benjamin Kruger; Toni Manger v. Mark Manger; Terry Richardson v. Saundra Richardson; Donald Strunk v. Stephanie Strunk; Joshua Boley v. Pamela Boley.

The following people filed for dissolution in Shelby County recently:

Janea Ferguson and Justin Ferguson; Joelle Rinehart and Christopher Rinehart; Laura Winegardner and Greg Winegardner; James Vonderhuevel and Miranda Vonderhuevel; Neil Chase and Mary Chase; Stephanie Omlor and Nathaniel Omlor; Earlene Smith and James Smith; Mark Moses and Lisa Moses.

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman