Republicans sponsor Young Republicans trip to D.C.

SIDNEY — The Shelby County Republican Party has announced their latest initiative to promote involvement from Young Republicans within thecCounty by organizing and sponsoring a Young Republicans trip to Washington, D.C.

Six persons have been approved to travel to Washington, D.C. leaving early Sept. 28, and arriving home late Sept. 29. With the assistance of U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, 4th District, the agenda includes instruction with the Leadership Institute, meetings with Sen. Rob Portman, Jordan, Speaker of the House John Boehner and David Salmonsen of the American Farm Bureau Federation. Tours will include the Capitol and the Pentagon. The persons traveling include Aaron Heilers, Lance Symonds, Nathan Lotz, John Pence, Curt Shafer and Nathan Zehringer.

“This is just a part of the Shelby County Republican Party’s initiative to involve younger persons in the political process,” said Executive Chairman Julie Ehemann. “From sponsoring youth at this year’s Lincoln Day Dinner, to re-invigorating the Shelby County Young Republicans, to organizing this trip, the Shelby County Republican Party is reaching out to younger voters.

“We are confident we can defeat stereotypes that hinder the success of the Republican Party in many communities. We will build on the common ground starting with our beliefs in freedom, family, limited government, lower taxes, and love of our Country. We hope to share our belief that there still is an American Dream and that our Republican policies will help lift people up and help them to attain that Dream,” she said.

Article submitted by the Shelby County Republican Party.

Article submitted by the Shelby County Republican Party.