Commission discusses final touches of comprehensive plan

By Sheryl Roadcap -

SIDNEY — On Monday, Sidney Planning Commission discussed final touches of the city’s comprehensive plan that will be presented to the Sidney City Council.

The commission had a public meeting for a final review of the plan that Sidney Community Service Director Barbara Dulworth presented on Monday. Other than a few wording mistakes in the plan, the commission only voted to make one change before it will be presented to council.

Commission member Merrill Asher, who pointed out the wording errors, felt part of the plan’s recommendation regarding the zoning of warehouses in industrial and commercial areas should be removed. The plan recommended amending the current principally permitted use zoning code for warehouses to a conditional use. Conditional use means there would be conditions that must met before the warehouse could open.

Asher and the other commission members did not agree the change should be made. They emphasized the question of where else would warehouses be located, and what would the conditions would be.

Dulworth said warehouses should be located in the industrial district but did not have information about what the conditions may be. She said the suggestion was made because the city’s revenue is income tax based. She said warehousing requires a great amount of service from the city but doesn’t return as much revenue as a manufacturing company, for example, because it could employ several more people and produce more revenue than a warehouse.

Asher said he still felt the warehouse zoning code should be not be amended to a conditional use, but a remain as it currently is. He then made a motion for removal of the conditional use recommendation from the plan. The vote was taken and unanimously passed.

Commission member Patricia Miller also questioned Dulworth about removing the state Route 47 roundabout, which is an option within the city’s state Route 47 Improvement Project. Dulworth told Miller it had been already removed from the comprehensive plan.

Another public hearing was held for a revision of the Westwood Planned Unit Development (PUD) plan to alter the building plans. Mary Smith and Joyce Lawson requested a revision to allow an open enclosed porch addition, of 10-feet by 18-feet, on the rear of the dwelling at 1167 Westwood Drive.

Commission member David Gross asked Dulworth if the development’s adjacent neighbors had any concerns. Dulworth noted that she had not received any neighbor calls of disapproval.

The commission unanimously voted to approve the revision request.

By Sheryl Roadcap

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4823.