Pellman e-publishes novella

Staff report

SIDNEY — Sidney author Terry Pellman has released his newest work of fiction, a novella titled “When I was Young.”

The book is available as an ebook Short Read on Amazon Kindle, and can be read by anyone with an Internet connection.

Pellman said that the short work is a departure for him, as it is faith–themed and is told in a first-person narrative.

The story tells of an older man who is widowed when his wife dies from an overdose of prescription drugs. In the aftermath of her death, he is convinced that she intended to take her own life, and that his own repeated infidelity was to blame.

He sets out on a course of random travels, hoping that it will help to ease his loss, his guilt, and the angst he is feeling about growing older. He is also haunted by his estrangement from one of his adult sons.

As he travels, he comes across individuals who caused him to ponder his lack of a relationship with God, although he yearns to be a believer and to seek and accept God’s forgiveness.

Staff report