Tuesday’s unofficial election results

By Melanie Speicher - mspeicher@aimmedianetwork.com

SIDNEY — Unofficial results for the uncontested races in Shelby County were released by the Shelby County Board of Elections. Election results will be certified on Nov. 16.

Races include:

Anna mayor: Mark S. Pulfer, 399 votes.

Botkins mayor: Steven L. Woodruff, 348 votes.

Botkins Village Council: two seats open, Casey Dietz, 273 votes, and Joshua Meyer, 327 votes.

Fort Loramie mayor: Randal J. Ahlers, 582 votes.

Jackson Center mayor: Scott Klopfenstein, 355 votes.

Kettlersville mayor: Eric Kaminsky, 50 votes.

Kettlersville Council: two seats open, no candidates filed.

Lockington mayor: Tracy Johnson, 30 votes.

Lockington village council: two seats open, Paula E. Johnson, 32 votes, no other candidate filed.

Port Jefferson mayor: Stephen R. Butterfield, 74 votes.

Port Jefferson Council: two seats open, Vicki L. Smith, 73 votes, no other candidate filed.

Russia Village Council: two seats open, Greg C. Borchers, 152 votes, and Cynthia L. Goubeaux, 198 votes.

Clinton Township trustee: Frank Mariano, 4070 votes.

Clinton Township fiscal officer: Susan E. Sekas, 3,908 votes.

Cynthian Township trustee: Keith A. Dapore, 577 votes.

Cynthian Township fiscal officer: Jennifer L. Frilling, 547 votes.

Dinsmore Township trustee: Ted T. Zimpfer, 908 votes.

Dinsmore Township trustee (unexpired term): Richard H. Meyer, 876 votes.

Franklin Township fiscal officer: Debora Bodenmiller, 851 votes.

Green Township fiscal officer: no candidate filed.

Jackson Township trustee: Larry Sprague, 681 votes.

Jackson Township fiscal officer: Diane Frank, 634 votes.

Loramie Township trustee: Dale M. Goubeaux, 694 votes.

Loramie Township trustee (unexpired term): Scott Phlipot, 642 votes.

Loramie Township fiscal officer: Bonnie Paulus, 702 votes.

McLean Township fiscal officer: Lori A. Bornhorst, 1,073 votes.

Orange Township trustee: Kevin S. Martin, 382 votes.

Orange Township fiscal officer: Eric Voress, 351 votes.

Perry Township trustee: Matthew K. Barhorst, 269 votes.

Perry Township fiscal officer: Sally N. Keener, 254 votes.

Salem Township trustee: Daniel A. Knoop, 609 votes.

Salem Township fiscal officer: Denise Palmer, 550 votes.

Turtle Creek Township trustee: Michael P. Eilerman, 385 votes.

Turtle Creek Township fiscal officer: Karen Pleiman, 391 votes

Van Buren Township trustee: Alan Luthman, 681 votes.

Van Buren Township fiscal officer: Joan M. Buehler, 661 votes.

Washington Township fiscal officer: Glenda J. Stangel, 502 votes

Governing Board of Midwest Education Service Center subdistrict 1: no candidate filed.

Governing Board of Midwest Education Service Center subdistrict 2: Randy Sailor, 644 votes.

Governing Board of Midwest Education Service Center subdistrict 3: Eric Ditmer, 2,766 votes

Governing Board of Madison-Champaign Education Service Center: Jeffrey Allen Burroughs, 3 votes.

Governing Board of Auglaize County Education Service Center: three seats available, David E. Myers, 281 votes, David Shephard, 211 votes.

Sidney City School Board: Mandi Croft, 3,778 votes, Richard L. Hix II, 2,821 votes, Robert W. Smith, 3,481 votes.

Sidney City School Board (unexpired term): Paul L. Heins, 4,741 votes.

Anna Local School Board: Michelle Brunson, 1,288 votes, Adam Reiss, 1,130 votes.

Botkins Local School Board: Mark R. Goubeaux, 546 votes, Anita Utrecht, 16 votes.

Hardin-Houston Local School Board: Joel Knouff, 920 votes, Jason Scott Shaffer, 833 votes.

Versailles Exempted School Board, two seats available: Hope Batty, 2 votes

Versailles Exempted School Board, two seats available: Ron Gehret, 2 votes, Steven E. Ruhenkamp, 4 votes.


Dinsmore Township EMS: for the levy, 740 votes; against the levy, 421 votes.

Salem Townshop – Roads: for the levy, 301 votes, against the levy, 370 votes.

Clinton Township – Fire: for the levy, 161 votes, against the levy, 148 votes.

Clinton Township – EMS: for the levy, 182 votes, against the levy, 130 votes.

Jackson Township – Ambulance: for the levy, 484 votes, against the levy, 271 votes.

Anna Local School District: for the levy, 1,214, against the levy, 660 votes.

Perry Port Salem Ambulance Service : for the levy, 715 votes, against the levy, 401 votes.

Sidney-Shelby County Health Department: for the levy, 8,675, against the levy, 5,675.

Village of Anna – Income Tax: for the levy, 225 votes, against the levy, 235 votes.

Village of Lockington – Parks: for the levy, 32 votes, against the levy, 1 vote.

Unofficial results from Auglaize County include:

Auglaize races

Minster mayor: Dennis Kitzmiller, 979 votes.

Minster Council: Nicole A. Clune, 837 votes, Thomas C. Herkenhoff, 824 votes.

New Bremen mayor: Jeff Pape, 963 votes.

New Bremen Council: John Schwartz, 906 votes, Brent Richter, 85 votes.

New Knoxville mayor: Keith Leffel, 294 votes.

New Knoxville Council: Mark Howe, 263 votes, Andrew Roettger, 243 votes.

New Knoxville Council, unexpired term: Michael Kaup, 224 votes, Duane Stienecker, 249 votes.

German Township trustee: Vernon Paul, 1,172 votes.

German Township fiscal officer: Karen Balster, 1,165 votes.

Jackson Township trustee: Carl B. Albers, 1,261 votes.

Jackson Township fiscal officer: David Doenges, 1,249 votes.

Washington Township trustee: Louis Klopfenstein, 619 votes.

Washington Township fiscal officer: Cheryl M. Bambauer, 609 votes.

Auglaize County Educational Service Center, three seats available: David E. Meyers, 2,833 votes, David Shepard, 2,577 votes, no other candidate filed.

New Knoxville Board of Education: Bill Katterheinrich, 503 votes, Michelle Neuman, 486 votes.

Botkins Board of Education: Mark R. Goubeaux, 125 votes, Anita Uetrecht, 3 votes.

Jackson Center Board of Education: Kristen S. Davis: 8 votes, Matthew S. Kohler, 8 votes, Bred Wren, 9 votes.

Minster Board of Education: Kurt Forsthoefel, 970 votes, Katrina Nixon, 1,065 votes.

Issues/tax levies

State Issue 1: yes, 10,175 votes, no, 4,313 votes.

State Issue 2: yes, 8,717, no, 6,346.

State Issue 3: yes, 3,818, no, 11,425.

Washington Township – Fire: for the levy, 295 votes, against the levy, 97.

Mental Health and Recovery Services: for the levy, 10, 875, against the levy, 3,923 votes.

Auglaize County Council on Aging: for the levy, 11,684, against the levy, 3,175 votes.

County sales tax: for the levy, 8,273 votes, against the levy, 6.541 votes.

New Bremen Village – EMS: for the tax levy, 799 votes, against the tax levy, 294 votes.

Village of New Knoxville – Fire: for the tax levy, 276 votes, against the tax levy, 39 votes.

Unofficial results from Darke County include:

Darke races

North Star – mayor: no candidates; member of council: no candidates, two seats.

Osgood – mayor: no candidates; member of council: no candidates, two seats.

Versailles – mayor: Jeffry A. Subler, 61 votes

Versailles Council: Todd Dammeyer, 58 votes.

Yorkshire – mayor: Kenneth A. Subler, 21, votes

Yorkshire Council: two seats available, no candidates filed.

Patterson Township trustee: Samuel F. Pohlman, 436 votes.

Patterston Township, fiscal officer: Kathleen M. Grieshop, 436 votes.

Wayne Township trustee: Michael J. Lawrence, 97 votes.

Wayne Township fiscal officer: Teresa M. Slonkosky, 98 votes.

Educational Service Center: Clyde Bateman, 2188 votes, Kent A. James, 2370 votes; unexpired: Larry L. Besecker, 2349 votes, Caroline Schmidt, 2164 votes.

Versailles Exempted School Board: Hope Batty, 621 votes, one open seat; unexpired: Ron Gehret, 583 votes, Steven E. Ruhenkamp, 695 votes.

By Melanie Speicher