20 attend Beef Quality Assurance training program

By Deborah Reinhart Brown - Ag update

Our Beef Quality Assurance training program went well last Saturday, even with a little rain. We had about 20 in attendance; a good-sized group for this type of “hands-on” activity. Of course, we had even more people show up for the Round-Up that followed. The ribeye steak sandwiches were great and the presentation by Drs. Boyle and Garcia on their trip to Israel was very interesting. It was amazing to see the pictures of the beef from Israeli cattle – basically no marbling! They raise bulls for beef and those critters don’t put on much fat!

Well, this is the “last call” for Farm Science Review! You’ve got until today to buy your tickets at Your Extension Office for the reduced rate. By end of the working day Monday, we have to have all unsold tickets in the mail back to the main office.

OK, so what else is there to do at FSR? There’s a lot of big equipment to look over! And, new technologies that you might want to use to upgrade what you’ve got! There are also Field Demonstrations so you can see some of that new technology in action! In addition, the Agricultural Safety Professionals will be using virtual reality to educate and prepare farmers to be safe on the farm.

This exhibit will demonstrate commercial and industrial fall protection systems and practices. The three to five-minute experience will give you a simulated experience on the roof of a two-story building where you can locate common fall hazards and select proper fall protection equipment.

Virtual reality has also been used to demonstrate farm safety by showing the dangers of tractor roll-overs on the farm. Live demonstrations and simulations have always been a part of the agricultural safety team’s presence at the Review, though never before in virtual reality. The Grain Comprehensive Agricultural Rescue Trailer (CART) has been used to simulate grain bin rescues and provide outreach education to farmers on grain handling safety.

The Ohio State Agricultural Safety and Health program tent at the Review is located on the east side of Kottman Street, between Friday and Land Avenues. The tent offers educational information including fall protection, grain bin safety systems, all-terrain vehicle and utility terrain vehicle safety. Between the virtual reality experience and the farm safety hazard hunt, this tent offers engaging experiences for all ages. Visit fsr.osu.edu for more information about the Farm Science Review.

The Data in Agriculture and Manure Application Field Day will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 2, at the St. Charles Center Auditorium, corner of state Route 274 and US Route 127, south of Celina, beginning with lunch at 11:30 a.m. The focus of this Field Day will be the use of data to make agricultural decisions along with manure application and equipment demonstrations.

Speakers will include Dr. John Fulton from OSU talking about the use of data in agriculture, Theresa Dirksen from Ag Solutions on the results of the soil health data project, and Harold Watters from OSU on the new updated Tri-State Fertility Guide.

Demonstrations will begin at 2 p.m.: Manure tanker and toolbar by Tobin Farms, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, additional demonstrations by Cy Schwieterman, Inc., Fennig Equipment, and others. The demonstrations will be held at the corner of state Route 274 and Cassella-Montezuma Road. CCA and CLM Credits are available. There is no charge for this program.

Please contact Theresa Dircksen to let her know you plan to attend. She can be reached at 419-586-4209 or theresa.dirksen@mercercountyohio.org.


By Deborah Reinhart Brown

Ag update

The writer can be reached at the OSU Extension office (937-498-7239) or by email at brown.1522@osu.edu.

The writer can be reached at the OSU Extension office (937-498-7239) or by email at brown.1522@osu.edu.