City record


Police log


-5:42 p.m.: receiving stolen property. Police recovered a vehicle that had been stolen from Bellefontaine. Police recovered the 2007 Chrysler 300, valued at $10,000, in the area of Wagner Avenue and Michigan Street. Police detained two suspects and transferred them to Bellefontaine Police.

-3:33 p.m.: theft. Christopher Johns, 134 Mound St., reported a TV, game system, and movies and games, valued at $280, were stolen from his house.

-3:07 p.m.: identity theft. Sarah Cash, 223 N. Miami Ave., reported someone opened a Walmart credit card in her name.

-1:39 p.m.: contempt. Police arrested Debra C. Lopez, 34, 305 W. Walnut St., Botkins, on a warrant from Sidney Municipal Court.

-1 p.m.: theft. Dawn Auville, 123 Pike St., reported someone stole $700, her rent money.

-12:49 p.m.: criminal damaging. Kenneth Rood, of Findlay, reported the passenger-side door of his vehicle was scratched and dented in the parking lot at Walmart. Loss was $1,200.

-9:09 a.m.: contempt. Police arrested Tyler A. Hurst, 29, of Toledo, on a warrant from Sidney Municipal Court.

-9:06 a.m.: property found. A bicycle that was left at 230 E. North St. was given to police.

-8:18 a.m.: theft. Chad Compton, 218 W. North St., reported someone entered his vehicle at his residence and stole a laptop computer, a bag containing tools and computer equipment, and a wallet, valued at $2,094.


-10:31 p.m.: theft. Frickers on Michigan Street reported two males left without paying their bill. Various alcoholic drinks were listed on the report, totaling $44.19.

-8:24 p.m.: drug abuse. Police arrested Lucas Schutte, 34, 86 Brooklyn Ave., for drug abuse and possession of paraphernalia.

-6:15 p.m.: warrant service. Police arrested Tiffany Prater, 35, on an active warrant out of Logan County.

-2:37 p.m.: property found. A bank card that was left behind at Chase Bank, 2030 W. Michigan St., was given to police. It is the property of Johnny W. Jackson, of Circleville.

-1:48 p.m.: warrant service. Police arrested Shayla Skeens, 19, and took her to the Shelby County Jail.

-9:38 a.m.: warrant service. Police arrested Rickey Driskell, 58, 328 Sycamore Ave., on a summons.

-3:48 a.m.: telecommunications fraud. Kathryn Hiestand, 51, 302 E. Lyndhurst St., reported $5,125 was taken from her between May 1 and Dec. 20 of this year.

-12:41 a.m.: domestic violence. Police arrested James Marchal, 44, 134 Mound St., for domestic violence.


-2:33 p.m.: criminal damaging. Billy Price, 39, 826 Grove St., reported someone damaged the hood of his vehicle.

-1:22 p.m.: theft. Sherry Howard, 47, 826 N. Main Ave., reported someone stole her Xbox 360 and pawned it.

-11:07 a.m.: criminal damaging. John Shurts, 33, 542 Franklin Ave., reported someone walked across the roof of his vehicle, leaving dents, sometime the night before.

-10:22 a.m.: criminal damaging. Curtis Oltman, 53, 537 E. Hoewisher Road, reported someone damaged the hood on his vehicle sometime the night before.

-10:10 a.m.: prohibition against parking on street or highway. Police served a summons to Marsha Roberts, 48, 217 Brookburn St.

-3:12 a.m.: operating a vehicle under the influence. Police arrested Mark Meyer, 54, 367 W. Russell Road, Apt. C, for an OVI charge.

-2:20 a.m.: vandalism. Gerald Edwards Jr., 40, 314 Brooklyn Ave., was arrest for vandalism and aggravated menacing for an incident at his home. The roof of a police cruiser was listed as damaged property in the report.


-11:50 p.m.: operating a vehicle under the influence. Police arrested Michael Ceyler II, 31, 204 Doorley Road, Apt. F, for OVI.

-2:48 p.m.: burglary. Gina Skorupski, 39, 11190 State Route 29, Anna, reported the back door of 1346 Constitution Ave. was kicked in and air nailers were taken out of the residence.

-1:03 p.m.: burglary. Isaac Crusey, 20, 621 S. Miami Ave., reported someone entered the residence and stole loose change and a Playstation 3.

-7:30 a.m.: counterfeit money. The Alcove Restaurant, 132 N. Main Ave., reported someone tried passing a counterfeit $20 bill.

-6:45 a.m.: criminal damaging. Clinton Cramer, 26, 555 Gearhart Road, reported someone slashed the tires on his vehicle, sometime the night before, in the area of South Miami Avenue.


-9:22 a.m.: found property. A wallet belonging to Mia Rouse, 35, 306 Enterprise St,, was found in the area of Water Street and Main Avenue. It was brought to the police department and turned in. The wallet was returned to a relative of the victim.


Morgan Hoaglin, 16, 1527 Willow Place, was cited with a traffic signal violation after an accident Monday at 5:43 p.m.

Hoaglin was stopped southbound on St. Marys Avenue at Russell Road. She attempted to turn right on a red traffic light. Brenda Clark, 67, 3082 Millcreek Road, was stopped northbound on St. Marys at the same traffic light. She received a green arrow to turn left. The vehicles collided as they attempted to enter the same westbound lane.

• Micaela L. Ellis, 20, 1001 N. Main Ave., was cited with failure to control after an accident Monday at 8:15 a.m.

Ellis was westbound on Michigan Street, approaching Interstate 75. She attempted to turn left onto the I-75 ramp and lost control on the wet pavement. Her auto hit a guardrail.

• Patricia North, 75, 2400 Wapakoneta Ave., Lot 22, was cited with failure to yield the right of way after an accident Monday at 3:44 p.m.

North was waiting turn left from a lot at 450 W. Russell Road. Westbound traffic in the right lane of Russell stopped and North began to turn onto the street. A car in the left lane hit the North auto. The driver of the other car was Alice Prichard, 29, of Piqua.

• Ranee Wyer, 40, of Clayton, was cited for improper lane change after an accident Friday at 3:14 p.m.

Wyer and another vehicle were southbound on Ohio Avenue when she changed from the left lane into the right lane, striking the other vehicle which was beside her. Wyer stated she didn’t see the other vehicle when she was changing lanes.

The driver of the other vehicle was Jeffrey Griffieth, 44, 508 S. Miami Ave.

Fire, rescue


-1:52 a.m.: false alarm. Firefighters were called to 1600 Hampton Court by a fire alarm. Firefighters determined the alarm was the result of vandalism at a pull station on the third floor.


-4:52 a.m. to 8:28 p.m.: Medics responded to seven calls.

-7:19 p.m.: false alarm. Firefighters responded to 2599 Michigan St. to confirm a false alarm occurred.

-11:06 a.m.: mulch fire. Firefighters were called to 230 E. Poplar St., where they extinguished fire in mulch.


-9:48 a.m. to 11:10 p.m.: Medics responded to four calls.


Compiled by Alexandra Newman and Michael Seffrin.

Compiled by Alexandra Newman and Michael Seffrin.