City record

Police log


-7:28 p.m.: burglary. Matthew Grigsby, 36, 1111 Morris St., reported the theft of an Ingersll Rand impact wrench from his attached garage.

-6:03 p.m.: criminal damaging. Gregory Gunnell, 54, 330 Kossuth St., reported someone shattered the front glass door of his residence.

-5:31 p.m.: theft. McDonald’s on Michigan Street reported the theft of $250 from the business.

-1:55 p.m.: theft. Maria Green, 21, at large, was arrested for theft after J.D. Recyclers on East Court Street reported the theft of a Motorola cellphone.

-1:49 p.m.: found property. Progressive electronic testing gear was found and turned into the police department.

-12:56 p.m.: theft. Clarence Johnson, 46, 1716 Broadway Ave., reported the theft of a 14-inch tire and rim and an MP3 player from his vehicle.

-11:40 a.m.: theft. Bonnie Goff, 40, Pemberton, reported the theft of an Apple 5 cellphone.

-8 a.m.: theft. Charlene King, 63, 331 Ruth St., reported someone broke her car window and damaged the door window frame and stole a wallet and a Speedy Rewards card at the Sidney-Shelby County YMCA on East Parkwood Street.


-9:31 p.m.: prohibited standing or parking. Sandra Sloan, 34, 804 Foraker Ave., was issued a summons for a parking violation.

-12:53 p.m.: criminal damaging. Debra Mullen, 57, 616 St. Marys Ave., reported damage to the windshield of her vehicle at her residence.

-12:45 p.m.: theft. Barbara Rose, 70, 753 Campbell Road, reported the theft of 20 morphine pills sometime between Oct. 11 and Oct. 23 from her residence.

-12:15 p.m.: criminal damaging. Tiffany Rench, 18, 303 ½ E. Court St., reported someone spray painted the driver’s side door of her vehicle with black paint.

-9:16 a.m.: criminal damaging. Britteny Bradley, 24, 502 S. West Ave., reported damage to the driver’s side mirror on her vehicle.

-3:46 a.m.: burglary. Angela Flaharty, 44, Piqua, reported some took her purse containing her drivers licence, social security card, Chase debit card, U.S. Bank card and a set of keys while at her place of employment, Sidney Care Center on Buckeye Avenue .


-9:11 p.m.: warrant. James Burgett III, 37, at large, was arrested on an outstanding warrant out of Miami County.

-6:58 p.m.: contempt. Connie Sharpie III, 49, 1120 Jon Ave., was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

-5:47 p.m.: domestic violence. Jacob Pierce, 20, 827 N. Main Ave., was arrested for domestic violence.

-9:35 a.m.: criminal damaging. Beth Hull, 24, 2132 Wells Drive, reported someone entered her vehicle overnight and damaged her glove-box.

-9:13 a.m.: theft. Heather McClain, 40, 2170 Westminster Drive, reported someone entered both she and her husband’s car overnight and took two credit cards, her driver’s licence and business employee identification card.

-5:36 a.m.: physical control. Christopher Pebler, 36, 2805 Wapakoneta Ave., Apt. 42, was arrested for physical control.

-1:35 a.m.: panhandling restrictions. Thomas Johnson, 55, 128 ½ S. Pomeroy Ave., was arrested for panhandling.


-11:57 a.m.: driving under the influence. Holly Foster, 50, Jackson Center, was arrested for OVI.

-7:41 p.m.: criminal damaging. Sara Bodenmiller, 41, 144 W. Robinwood St., reported someone cracked the windshield of her vehicle at Cazadores on Michigan Street.

-4:41 p.m.: warrant. William Myers, 72, Anna, was arrested on a warrant.

-3:41 p.m.: theft. Tara Workman, 30, 311 Hall Ave., reported the theft of a Roadmaster mountain bike from Emerson Elementary School on Campbell Road

-3:14 p.m.: criminal simulation. Marathon on East North Street reported receiving a fraudulent $10 bill.

-2:27 p.m.: criminal simulation. Sunoco Gas Station on Fair Road reported receiving a fraudulent $10 bill

-11:31 a.m.: theft. Kendra Nutter, 26, 422 New St., reported the theft of $30 from her vehicle.

-11:11 a.m.: theft. Sharon Koester, 61, 2308 Armstrong Drive, reported the theft of $10 in change, a phone charger adapter, an insurance card, and her vehicle’s registration and manual.


James Overton, 51, 922 Spruce Ave., was cited with failure to control after a three-vehicle collision on Saturday at 10:28 a.m.

According to the police report, Overton was traveling eastbound on Fair Road when he struck two other vehicles at the location because he could not stop.

The driver so of the other two vehicles were Eric Bruggeman, 50, of Minster, and Natalie Maynard, 33, of Eaton.

• Ricky Wilkins, 47, 934 Buckeye Ave., Apt. 114, was arrested for OVI and cited reasonable control after a two-vehicle collision on Saturday at 2:36 a.m.

Wilkins was headed northbound in the parking lot of the Dawg Pound Lounge on North Vandemark Road when he collided with another a parked and occupied vehicle owned by Terry Wright, 50, 106 N. Wilkinson Ave.

• Susan Dodson, 72, St. Marys Road, was cited with assured clear distance ahead after a two-vehicle collision on Friday at 5:10 p.m.

Dodson was traveling southeast on St. Marys Road when she did not realize the vehicle in front of her had stopped and collided with it.

The driver of the other vehicle was Scott Lanzer, 47, of Anna.

Fire, rescue


-4:19 to 7:12 a.m.: medical. Medics responded to four calls.


-8:06 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to an automobile crash.

-12:04 a.m. to 9:19 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to four calls.


-3:27 to 9:42 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to four calls.

-2:55 p.m.: medical. Crews were dispatched on the report of an automobile crash.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.