City record

Police log


-1:50 a.m.: theft. Chadd Hutchinson, 31, 301 N. Miami Ave., Apt. 3, reported someone he knows stole $90 from him.


-3:19 p.m.: counterfeit bills. Marco Delgado, 18, 500 N. Vandemark Road. Apt. 85, reported receiving two counterfeit $1 bills.

-11:19 a.m.: theft. Charles Werner, 62, 818 Wapakoneta Ave., Apt. 7, reported someone stole his grey hoodie containing $420, an IPhone and a U.S. Bank card out of his vehicle..

-10:29 a.m.: theft. Universal 1 Credit Union on Michigan Street reported the theft of $3,498.98 from the financial institution.

-10:25 a.m.: violate protection order. William Early, 26, 815 Arrowhead Drive, was arrested for violating a protection order.


Nancy Pike, 69, 2335 Fair Road, was cited with obedience to traffic control devices after a two-vehicle collision on Thursday at 4:53 p.m.

Pike was traveling westbound on Fair Road when she ran a red light and was struck by another vehicle traveling northbound from the Interstate 75 exit ramp and was attempting making a left turn onto Fair Road.

Pike’s vehicle sustained functional damage.

The driver of the other vehicle was Terri Thompson, 62, 1120 Stephens Road. Thompson’s vehicle sustained minor damage.

• Police are investigating a two-vehicle crash on Thursday at 10:19 a.m.

Kayla Mertz, 26, 10842 Mohawk Court, was traveling northbound and stopped at the stop sign on Royan Avenue at the Michigan Street intersection. She told police she was stopped behind the stop bar but pulled forward to see better when another vehicle traveling westbound on Michigan Street cut the turn too short and struck her vehicle.

The driver of the other vehicle was Vonda Smith, 88, 1415 N. Main Ave. Smith told police Mertz failed to stop at the stop sign and struck her vehicle.

Fire, rescue


-8:24 to 8:34 a.m.: medical. Medics responded to two calls.

-6:44 a.m.: medical. Medics responded to the report of an automobile crash.


-3:08 to 10:02 p.m.: medical. Medics responded to five calls.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.