Church to host chamber orchestra

Staff report

SIDNEY — The First Presbyterian Church, 202 N. Main Ave., will be hosting a concert on Sunday, Jan. 17, at 2 p.m.

The Reformed University Chamber Orchestra will be performing. The group will also provide special must during the morning worship service.

From the beginning of the Reformed University Music Program in 2007, the ensemble and chamber music groups were formed following the educational tradition of the Schutmaat family (missionaries of the Presbyterian Church who arrived in Colombia in 1946) whose main purpose was to introduce the general public to the world of classical music. This effort resulted in the creation of the Alvin Schutmaat Music School (EMAS) within the educational system of the Presbyterian Church.

Following the example of his parents, director James Schutmaat decided to unite the talent of music professors and advanced students in order to form the Reformed University Chamber Orchestra, which through hard work and discipline has become known on a regional and national level. Within its repertoire are included works of great composers from diverse historical periods.

From the baroque period are included works by Corelli, Albinoni, Telemann, Vivaldi and Bach. From the classical period some of the members of the orchestra have been soloists in concertos by Haydn (cello), Stamitz (viola), and Mozart (violin). Also among the great works of the romantic period the group has presented suites and serenades by composers such as Tchaikovsky (Serenade for Strings), Grieg (Holberg Suite), Holst (St. Paul’s Suite) Fletcher (Folk Tune and Fiddle Dance), Warlock (Capriol Suite), Barber (Suite for Strings) and Rutter (Suite for Strings). The group has also presented works by director James Schutmaat (Concerto Grosso.)

Staff report