Gun control will fix everything — really?

By State Rep. Nino Vitale - Contributing Columnist

We were at an event this weekend with over 60 people with loaded firearms and no one was shot or killed. Why?

Ten people are dead in Oregon and seven more injured — tragically, and Obama decides this issue “should” be politicized. He wasted no time rushing to the gun-control rhetoric and proclaiming “thoughts and prayers are NOT enough.” SIDE NOTE: President Obama, are you saying God cannot fix this and you have no faith in prayers?

First, Obama gave NO plausible solution of how adding to the over 20,000 gun regulations already on the books would have stopped this senseless killing in Oregon. This was a GUN-FREE ZONE, i.e., everyone was disarmed and not allowed to carry, except the shooter did not follow the law. If I were speaking on this tragedy, I would have mentioned the fact that this shooter was NOT practicing and working on the virtues of faith, hope and charity. I would have mentioned that if we had sanctity for life in this country at all stages, maybe this would not have occurred. Maybe BECAUSE we have a president that supports butchering baby parts, and selling them, we see no value in any form of human life at any stage.

This coward was able to kill 10 people and injure another seven. All the while, my oldest boys and I were at a gun event practicing safe gun-handling. There were over 60 participants with loaded guns on our belts and over 2,300 rounds fired and guess what, not ONE PERSON WAS SHOT. Even my 12-year-old and 15-year-old were walking around with loaded firearms. Why did they not feel the need to shoot at anyone? Might it be because we humble ourselves to the plan of God?

The plan of virtue that every life is sacred at every stage. President Obama, wake up! You, sir, are adding to this culture of death, not helping it. Start talking about virtue and faith and not control and government intervention. Government cannot enforce morality, so we have to encourage it and teach it and ask our mothers and fathers, our grandparents to teach it to our children and grandchildren. This is what happens when you do something simple and profound like take God out of the culture and remove the Ten Commandments from everyday life in society. We devolve into chaos. As for me and my family, our prayers WILL be going out to the victims and their families and begging God for forgiveness.

“Of all the dispositions which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.” — George Washington.

By State Rep. Nino Vitale

Contributing Columnist

The writer represents the 85th District in the Ohio House of Representatives.

The writer represents the 85th District in the Ohio House of Representatives.