Vote for Heilers for State Representative

Vote for Heilers for State Representative

To the editor:

This is to recommend Aaron Heilers to the voters of the 84th House District of Ohio as their Representative in Columbus for the term beginning in January of 2019.

I have had the pleasure of working with and observing Aaron as he served as treasurer of the Shelby County Republican Central Committee for the past several years. During that time, I have learned to respect Aaron’s absolute integrity, his logical and thorough thought process, his strong work ethic, and his tendency to listen to all sides of an argument.

Mr. Heilers is 100 percent pro-life, a strong proponent of the second amendment and, in general, he reflects the values of the great majority of citizens of this part of Ohio.

Aaron is a great family man, a college graduate, a believer in responsible stewardship of our natural assets, a family farmer, and is involved in many aspects of his church and community.

As an active County Auditor, and now as a retired one, I did not and do not lend my name to a campaign unless I am 100 percent sure that the candidate will not let me down. Such is the case with Aaron Heilers.

I have been saddened to see that there is an attempt by someone to paint Aaron in a negative light. For example, I received a vague mailer stating that he is all about red tape. I have no idea what that is about because it is totally false. Aaron is a strong supporter of simplifying government and of local control. I did note that the mailer came from a PAC with a Cincinnati address, so I assume that somebody with “connections” on a larger stage and an ulterior motive is behind that.

There was also an incident involving one of Aaron’s campaign volunteers that has been spun to reflect poorly on him. I would advise learning the background of that incident before making a judgment. Things are not always completely as they appear.

Please cast your vote in the Republican Primary on May 8 for Aaron Heilers. You will not regret it.

Denny York


Vote for Heilers for State Representative