Many ‘angels’ helped children


To the editor:

A few weeks ago I made a request to the SDN that the FISH Thrift Shop was in need of children’s winter coats. That request was met with an outpouring response. We had our own volunteer purchase some coats, our supporters coming in with armloads of coats, a local organization that brought some in that had been dry cleaned, and a gentleman that wishes to remain anonymous that brought in a case of brand-new coats still in their plastic wrapping. These people and many others like them are certainly angels.

This past weekend FISH held its fourth “Candy Cane Shoppe” for the less fortunate children in grades K-5 a chance to shop for their family. When one of our volunteers asked one of those students what he wanted to get his siblings, he told him they both needed new coats. It was only with your donations we were able to fulfill his wish.

There are now two children that will open their present and be excited that they will have a warm coat. I hope this helps our supporters realize how important your donations are to others.

God’s blessings to everyone!

Becky Gillman

FISH president