Be the voice of the unborn

To the editor:

“Joy to the world!

“For unto us a child is born!”

These words were on the title of the children’s Christmas program presented by the St. Lawrence and Immaculate Conception children to their parents and friends. What a wonderful program presenting the story of the birth of our Savior! What a special time to celebrate and be thankful.

However, many times when I see the tiny baby Jesus lying in the manger, I think of all the tiny unborn babies who are never given the chance for life.

Do you know abortion is Planned Parenthood’s “primary product” for sale? Do you know Planning Parenthood performs nearly 327,000 abortions per year, netting a profit of $150 million alone?

Can the deliberate killing of tiny unborn babies be stopped?

What can you do?

Pray: Pray for all people who are leaders for Planned Parenthood, work for them, or support them in any way!

Support organizations: Shelby County Right to Life, the Women’s Center and many other organizations that support mothers and their unborn child.

The unborn child cannot speak for itself. We must be the voice of the unborn!

Sally Naseman