Vote “Yes” for the school levy

To the editor:

I write this letter as a proud supporter of Sidney City Schools (SCS) and our wonderful community of people. I attended SCS myself from fourth grade until 11th grade, chose Sidney to raise our children and also chose to enroll our children in SCS starting in 2016. On the ballot next month is an operating levy renewal that is crucial to the continued success of SCS. Improvements have been made district-wide and without this levy, our kids are going to suffer. They need this levy to continue to grow scholastically, personally, and professionally.

SCS is asking voters to renew, for 10 years, the 9.23 mill emergency property tax levy originally passed in November 2009 and overwhelmingly renewed in May 2014 with 62 percent voter approval. This renewal is not a new tax on top of what we already pay, this is continuing the current levy, which will actually cost less per year than the original levy.

As a homeowner in Shelby County, we receive a rollback on taxes for property based on these school levies. Because this is a renewal, we will see a continuation of two property tax credits we currently receive. If our community chooses not to renew this levy, future levies will not qualify for these tax credits and our property taxes will increase, as will rent prices.

Lastly, I wanted to say I have had the pleasure of speaking to our new Superintendent Mr. Bob Humble, and our family is excited for what he is doing so far. I hope our wonderful community will support SCS and help Mr. Humble get off to a great start. He was a great hire for our district and he cares for our children like his own. Let’s kick-start his venture with a levy renewal.

Vote “Yes” for Sidney, it’s for the kids!

Seth Ellis