Let preschoolers stay at Shelby Hills

To the editor:

The SDN articles recently, regarding bringing Shelby Hills pre-school back into Sidney City Schools (SCS), made me wonder if the real reason was strictly the fact that Shelby Hills is requesting more money. Thanks to Chod Dagenfield for his excellent research and his column to inform us of more than one reason for this move. (SDN page 4, Opinion Page, Saturday, Jan. 12.)

I was very concerned when I read what the SCS proposed, especially when I learned from Chod Dagenfield’s article that SCS will not be hiring any of the Shelby Hills teachers. It takes years to work out the details of a good preschool program and secure the correct learning equipment. How could SCS do the same without at least hiring the Shelby Hills teachers? They can’t. They will be doing trial and error for years to come up with the proper skills, proper learning materials and proper equipment. So our children who absolutely need this special help, will suffer. It will cost the city and county thousands of dollars as these children become older and lack the skills they could have received through an incredible program already established at Shelby Hills.

The children need to stay at Shelby Hills. Let us fight to protect the education of our pre-school children who need the Shelby Hills program and qualified teachers. These little ones cannot fight for themselves. There is money available. Read Dagenfield’s column, to find out for yourself why SCS wants to move these preschool children to their buildings.

Mary Durbin