Blood Drive set for June 18 in Fort Loramie

To the editor:

We are in the midst of a renewed effort to fight cancer and to satisfy other needs for blood, a gift you can give. The next opportunity for you to participate is at Tuesday’s St. Michael’s Hall Blood Drive in Fort Loramie, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

The Community Blood Center is offering multiple incentives for donors to give in a very personal way. Especially for new donors (and yes new donors are always needed), the “COURAGE” t-shirt, essentially states that you, as new donor has the determination to endure the slight discomfort of a needle drawing life giving blood from your arm.

Everyone who donates should wear this shirt to attract other new donors and remind past donors of their “COMMITMENT” to provide an abundant blood supply to those in need. Our collective efforts indeed show community “COMPASSION” toward those in need of donated blood. “COMMITMENT” and “COMPASSION” t-shirts will be available to donors later in the year for donors who continue on the CBC’s “Lifesaving Adventure & Help Fight Cancer” campaign to recruit new and maintain regular blood donors.

Please make your donation appointment at or call 1-800-388-GIVE, or just show up if you forget to make an appointment.

Donors on Tuesday will also be entered to win a Yeti Adventure Pack, including accessories, premium cooler and drink ware. Better yet, every donor on Tuesday will be entered into a drawing to win two reserved seat tickets to Country Concert ‘19!

After donating, enjoy a sandwich, lots of homemade cookies and ice cream.

Help us fight cancer and contribute to the blood supply. Donate your blood!

Thank you,

Roger Bender

Fort Loramie