Agape helps prevent summer hunger

To the editor:

School is out, kids are free, playing, swimming and looking for something to eat. Children eat like machines, snacking constantly. During the school year breakfast and lunch is provided, but summer can be a roll of the dice for meals. Parents, grandparents and babysitters understand the cost of feeding hungry children. Coming home from the pool, playing, opening the refrigerator and snacking is an American way of life not available to the marginally employed. That’s where Agape Distribution shines the brightest.

Return On Investment (ROI) is a measure of the efficiency of an investment. Our income qualified neighbors fill their grocery carts, at no cost to them. Agape Distribution expenses $0.09/lb for the food supplied. That includes labor, trucking, insurance, all expenses. One hundred pounds of groceries costs $9, the equivalent of two “Happy Meals,” three lattes, one cheap sit down lunch.

ROI bouncing up and down a little girl asked her Mom, “can we have breakfast for supper?” “Why,” Mom questioned. “Because we got pancakes and sausage,” she replied. Now THAT is a Return On Investment. The happiness, smile and excitement of breakfast for supper.

Agape Distribution — We make it hard to go hungry!

John L. Geissler