Legislators should ‘do something’ regarding gun control

To the editor:

I am an angry American. Inaction by legislators toward finding some middle ground regarding gun control is unacceptable. It is said that the Democrats want to impose too many restrictions and the Republicans are emphatic that the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens are protected. What happened to listening to constituents and the spirit of compromise.

The script against control, and my response, is:

• Citizens have the right to bear arms. -I agree, but why does a private citizen need to own a military-type weapon with a magazine that can fire 41 shots in 30 seconds, as happened in Dayton? Was this the vision of those who enacted the amendment? I doubt it.

• Criminals will get guns and have no concern about gun laws. -I agree, but does this mean that we make no effort to try and make it harder?

• Washington and D.C. have attempted to control guns and have high rates of gun crime. -As an African American and a human being, I am saddened by what is happening in those cities, but I do not believe you will see those shooters at Walmart or a bar.

When the sale of bulletproof backpacks for children has soared, something is dreadfully wrong in our nation. As Americans, we need to tell legislators to DO SOMETHING.

Maryam Lyon MSM RN