Use your vote wisely

To the editor:

Never again is now. You only live once. Make history. How many times have you heard these common phrases? Being a millennial, I have heard them often and may have said them a time or two myself. These statements are very true.

We only have one chance to get things right. How do we know who to trust to keep this miracle of history, these United States, prospering and free? The only way we can know is to look at a person’s character and their history. Have they fought for the important things? Have they stood when no one else would? Have they done the right thing when it counts the most and when the powers that be are against them?

When it comes to the Ohio state Senate race, there is only one man who has done this. That man is John Adams. John’s history is one of freedom and values. He served our country as a United States Navy SEAL and has defended freedom ever since. John has a unswerving history of standing up for our values when no one else will. He is consistently pro-Constitution, pro-guns, and pro-family values. John defends smaller government, opposes Common Core, and is a pro-life hero. John’s opponent says he is conservative, pro-life, and opposes Common Core, but his record says differently. Visit to see a comparison of their records. See for yourself which one stands up when no one else will. You only live once. Never again is now. Make history. Use your vote wisely, and vote for John Adams March 15.

Alana Hill