Reader comments on Jordan editorial

To the editor:

Having read “ Their View” in Thur. (11/21)SDN, ridiculing Jim Jordan, apparently pulled from the Lima News (same parent company), I find several things disturbing. First, it does not identify the author of the piece, which could be Chris Gibbs for all we know.

Then they listed spending bills which the writer feels Jordan should have voted for. It does not detail what else were in those bills, making it unwise to fund extreme liberal causes. This happens quite often in spending bills. The overall bill has to be weighed on a basis of what good vs what harmful programs will be funded. Let’s face it, millions of dollars are wasted each session of Congress, because bills fund socialist or just stupid programs of no value. Our tax dollars, should be our decisions. It usually ends in compromise, and fewer wasted dollars.

It was low to list the OSU issue, as the then Director of Athletics and OSU President were the ones who should have to answer why, when this offender crossed into multiple sports at OSU, did the head of the programs not act quickly. I worked at OSU, and there is a giant hierarchy dictating who gets listened to. Also, are you equally offended that millions of dollars have gone to OSU from a donor who had close association with Jeffery Epstein?

Jim Jordan is a good man, and votes what is best for the country and his district. Yes, he stays in touch with his constituents, which is positive, not to be ridiculed. He is respected by his peers in Congress. In short, Jim Jordan cares.

It is clear where the newspaper stands, in support of the Independent candidate, who has his own transgressions over the last few years, which will surface as the campaign progresses. One thing I know, that candidate does not listen well to opinions not of his own making. The Lima News piece was anti-conservative, anti-Republican Party, a slap in the face of local voters. I resent the biased tone. Jim Jordan was just the closest, easiest target for them. He deserves better for the continued informed and researched work he does.

Linda Weber