Support Jordan for congress

To the editor:

Dear voting public,

I’m Ron Meyer, President of Shelby County Right to Life. I met Jim Jordan at one of our RTL board of director meetings. He was honest, sincere, and above all, a RTL supporter. My wife and I helped him run his first campaign in Botkins, Ohio. We went door to door hanging literature on the door knobs if they didn’t answer the door.

He has proven he is a man of his word. I highly support Jim Jordan, for he has done a great job during the impeachment hearings. Jim is to the point and when he makes a statement, there is NO beating around the bush, such as his rival does, who is now running against him.

Please support Jim Jordan for the representative of congress for the 4th district of Ohio. I feel he is the most honest man in Washington D.C.

Ron Meyer

President of the Shelby County Right to Life