Vote for Adams, against Trump

To the editor:

John Adams: the familiar name of our state senate candidate; a name shared with two great presidents. Ohio’s John Adams shares more than a name with those great men: he has deep love and concern for America, good motives for seeking office and willingness to make sacrifices for our nation. Like the Adams presidents (father-son) who braved the Atlantic on a dangerous diplomatic voyage during the War for Independence, Ohio’s John Adams crossed oceans to defend our nation as an elite Navy SEAL. Like President Adams, founding patriot and “father of the American Navy,” Ohio’s John Adams has served honorably.

Ohio’s John Adams stands for his constituents, even if it means bucking the establishment, but he also knows how to work with others striving for the good of our state and country. He’s got the same grit as President John Quincy Adams who, unlike any president, continued to serve our country in Congress, even to the last minutes of his life, vying for respect for human dignity by ending slavery at a time when few cared to end it. The John Adams running for Ohio Senate this year is that same kind of courageous, noble man. I’ve worked with John in defending life and know he supports strong family values and educational freedom. He’s worthy of your vote.

A side note on presidential nominees: I generally campaign “for” candidates, but am compelled to campaign against Trump, who’s not noble; not worthy of a vote. He draws attention to himself by “speaking his mind,” but this is often the opposite of honesty, especially with Trump. Frequent statements show him blatantly contradicting himself. His power antics are detrimental to the country and individual freedom.

Anne K. Schmiesing