Adams takes no lobby money

To the Editor,

You see similarities between John Adams and Matt Huffman, both former state representatives who served in leadership. Both are prolife, have NRA A ratings, are for lower taxes, less government and against Common Core. So, where’s the distinction?

John, a veteran Navy SEAL, is his own man and votes that way. There is a Columbus establishment of the “big three” politicians and the lobbyists. They have an agenda. If you play the games of going along, getting along and doing what they want, they help you stay in office or get that next job. John is fed up with all of this, and he took many hard votes and voted against their agenda. The establishment is now choosing candidates. When John and I were at a Republican event, one very prominent Columbus “mover and shaker” told us that it was “their job to get certain candidates elected.”

“Their” candidate in this race is Matt Huffman. They have contributed well over $125,000 to him, and all of his mail pieces say “Paid for by Ohio Republican Party.” Just last week, John was told that the establishment is still asking for more money for Matt. I would suggest you not be swayed by political endorsements, even Jim Jordan’s. Matt was Jim’s campaign organizer for Allen County when Jim ran for State Senate. Although Jim says that Matt is the “bold, decisive leader who takes action,” I think these words fit John to a tee!

Recently, Mr. Huffman attacked John for missing 120 floor votes. This does not indicate how many session days John missed in eight years. He missed possibly 15 days over eight years, which included hip and knee surgeries, sick days, possible family events and approved legislative travel. Matt also says that John received a lot of money from PACs from 2011-2014. He knows that all legislators do. When legislators have fundraisers for the Republican party in Columbus, lobbyists give to everyone. This money is then given back to the party. However, John has not received any lobbyist money for this campaign. I should know — I am his treasurer.

John is a maverick leader, and Columbus doesn’t want him. What kind of senator do you want? You decide, not Columbus. Vote John Adams!

Tara Francis Adams