Adams defends family values

To the editor:

Most will say politics as usual, and shirk their duty. We are all weary and leery of candidates. We have been told one thing to find out later that we have been betrayed.

Even our own trusted Ohio RTL, has us questioning their judgments. So who do we rely on and how can we trust?

We have to do a bit of our own research, and then trust your own gut. Yes it can be that simple. Over thinking and over intellectualizing will get us into trouble. That is of course against today’s thought process. What is at the core of our reasoning when it comes to voting? You will hear the statement of “well we cannot be a one issue voter,” I beg to differ. When issues deal with our Right to Life, what else is there, because without life none of the other issues are needed? In that one issue lies our God given rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Issues of life involve not just the abortion issue, but education, too. Common Core Education, ties into life and is destructive, taking away parents rights. I was part of a group along with John Adams that met with our then superintendent of Catholic Schools, Dr. Riggs. I spoke from my heart then and I speak from my heart now as a parent.

John Adams will defend the very foundation of our faith and traditional family values at all levels.

So please vote for John Adams.

Ginny Gehret

Fort Recovery