Jordan for sheriff

To the editor:

I’m one proud mother who wishes Shelby County residents to know the Mark Jordan I do — his kindness, selflessness, desire and ability to serve others stemming from a heart that emanates such admirable qualities which I have personally observed his entire life.

He has an inborn ability for problem solving whether in business having owned his own; developing software to enable many Ohio law enforcement agencies in accessing information more quickly and efficiently; or in the magnitude of being CEO of a 60-plus employee company while increasing its growth even through times of a national down-trend.

Mark goes the extra mile with his caring heart for helping those in need by giving a helping hand but with inward discernment and intelligence for truth, honesty and justice as guidelines. Mark has given so many hours of volunteer service to various law enforcement agencies and is currently working with Champaign County and Botkins. In other words, observing his growth over his lifetime, Shelby County would be a winner (as I am for having him as a son) by having him serve you as your sheriff.

Thank you,

Nancy Brown