Vote for Mark Jordan for sheriff

To the editor:

I’m a 30-year Air Force veteran looking for a “conservative” candidate for Sheriff. My research convinced me Mark Jordan is that candidate.

(1) Voter registration records show Jim Frye was a registered Democrat until 2012. When I asked about this, he told me familial pressure led him to register as a Democrat, but he had always held “conservative” Republican values. He lamented that the office of Sheriff was political and indicated he had little interest in politics. The fact that Jim made such a late-in-life commitment to the Republican Party and has little interest in political matters concerned me.

(2) Jim Frye fully supports the STRONG Ohio gun control legislation. He said a county Sheriff already has the authority to do what this new law allows him to do, so I asked why we needed 200 pages of new laws and he didn’t have a good response. The fact that he supports 200 new pages of legislation designed to restrict and control lawful gun ownership without being able to explain why it is “needed” concerned me.

(3) I whole-heartedly support the “intent” of the STAR house but have concerns about Jim’s “growth of government” approach to solving addiction and recidivism problems. He mentioned that he’d like to build and staff a similar women’s facility, adding more government infrastructure that tax-paying citizens will have to support for many years to come. Jim’s “growth of government” leanings concerned me.

A Sheriff’s “political DNA” matters greatly. I want a Sheriff who (1) has a long track record of conservatism; (2) whose default position is to oppose gun-control legislation unless there is overwhelming evidence not to, and (3) who will fight “against” the growth of government. Mark Jordan is that candidate. His 30 years of law enforcement experience combined with 20 years as a successful businessman uniquely qualify him to serve as the lead law enforcement officer of Shelby County. All the evidence I saw points to a true conservative, reigning in government, opposing gun-control legislation, and maximizing private sector contributions (including faith-based and Chaplaincy programs). I will be voting for Mark Jordan for Sheriff on March 17, 2020 and I hope my research will help you make your decision as well. Find me on Facebook for a more detailed write-up.

Respectfully Submitted,

Danny A Cecil