Mark Jordan for sheriff

To the editor,

I am voting for Mark Jordan for Sheriff March 17, 2020 in the Primary Candidate for sheriff, Mark Jordan, is opposed to any Red Flag Laws. He stands up for Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms, and he stands AGAINST the removal, in any way, of our right to due process, the result of Red Flag Laws. His opponent is Pro Red Flag Laws.

Mark Jordan is a 30-year veteran in law enforcement, which is more than ample experience to hold the position of Sheriff. Unlike his opponent, Mark has 20 years leadership as a CEO in the Computer Technology and Communication Industry, he has real management training, education and experience. Mark has run private sector companies, managed a 10 million-dollar budget, has managed 60+ employees with fabulous outcomes, he has designed, developed and built the Public Safety 911 dispatching and records system used here in Shelby, Auglaize, Champaign, Logan, Hardin Counties and also in Middletown, Englewood, Huber and over 45 other agencies across Ohio. His system is even used in the country of Haiti! So, Mark Jordan has more relevant experience than his opponent and will be able to lead the charge into the 21st Century bringing Shelby County the knowledge that is necessary for the crimes of this century.

Mark Jordan is what I call a “servant citizen”. He views law enforcement as a passion, not a paycheck. He has served his community in the above-mentioned areas, but has also been involved in many charitable and servant-oriented organizations for years. He has done this to give back to the community and because he has a servant’s heart.

Mark’s experience working with so many different law enforcement agencies across the State, and within Shelby County, will enable him to restore a good working relationship with the Sidney PD and the Ohio State Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies/departments. This is something in great need due to the broken relationships in existence at this point.

Mark Jordan will keep programs that have proved successful, perform analysis of programs to see where there could be improvement and add others, such as a Deputy/Chaplain support program as needed.

He will be a great Sheriff (CEO in county law enforcement). Cast your vote for Mark Jordan March 17, 2020!

Sanna Hill-Aikin