Jordan can do more as sheriff

To the editor:

Yes, Jim Fyre’s work as a lead investigator is very good, but we need more!

We need not only prosecution, we need rehabilitation of the inmates, who have mental health needs, work force skill needs, life skill needs , and programs to help stop their addictions. Mark Jordan has the research skills to find the best programs to help the inmates.

He will do the research to find better ways of behavior modification so that people do not die while they are in the jail, and their lungs are not damaged from e-cigarettes. He also wants to bring in solid Christian Prison Ministry combined with the latest mental health behavior therapies, as we all know how healing can happen thru Prison Ministry.

The Sheriff’s office will continue to do a good job, as Mark definitely wants to have that happen, but Mark will also bring forth many new programs to help the inmates. It’s not just about prosecution. it’s also about providing ways that the inmates can begin a new path of living life as a good community members when they are released.

Mark, as CEO of a large company, has the skills to bring all that together. He will also bring into the Sheriff’s Dept , the latest technology to protect the Deputies while on duty, which is very important for their safety, and for the workers at the jail. Vote Mark Jordan to get an excellent Sheriff’s Dept, plus all the extras for the rehabilitation of the inmates. If you know anyone with addictions, and or mental health issues with delusions and hallucinations, you are aware how important good programs that actually work, are needed to help with rehabilitation.


David Durbin