Jordan is best to lead Sheriff’s Office

To the editor:

I support Mark Jordan for Shelby County Sheriff. As a retired Sidney Police Officer, I can attest to the fine quality of the men and women at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and believe Mark Jordan is the man to lead them.

For several years the Sidney Police Department had a combined tactical team and narcotic’s investigation unit. The two agencies spent time sharing training, experience, and manpower. I believe this is the strength of law enforcement and was a vital and necessary working relationship. Unfortunately, shortly after the return of the current administration, these combined programs ended. Shortly after the Sheriff’s Department began to partner with Sidney City Schools for the armed teacher program (which both Jordan and I support), our School Resource Officer and DARE officer were removed and we were less welcome in the schools and have yet to participate in any joint security training in the schools within our own jurisdiction. I believe this is due to the current leadership philosophy at the Sheriff’s Office. As the Community Resource Officer, I saw the benefits of combined programming and suggested partnering on areas such as ALICE, Safety Town, and Addiction outreach. I was told that it was not possible with the current administration. Additionally, the current administration pulled out of Crime Stoppers (an organization for the benefit of all of Shelby County), and declines to attend the regular meetings of the local law enforcement leadership. If this is the “performance,” I would rather hear a “promise” that it will change…but the only one making such promises is Mark Jordan.

I believe that change is Mark Jordan. I believe the men and women who work at the Sheriff’s Office will only increase in professionalism and productivity under Jordan’s leadership. I believe “We Can Do More” is a promise that will lead to better performance.

Mike McRill