Vote for Jordan

To the editor:

Regardless of constructing a building or an organization, the most important consideration is the foundation on which it’s built. In the upcoming election the residents of Shelby County will be asked to choose a new Sheriff; two local men are running for that office. Both have extensive experience in law enforcement but one, Mark Jordan, is also a very successful business owner/manager with a firm foundation in strong leadership qualities that led to his success. Leadership is also key in law enforcement; it prevents complacent and passive attitudes that lead to a loss in productivity and effectiveness.

Mark Jordan is a natural leader; his leadership qualities will undoubtedly improve our Sheriff’s department. Unlike his opponent, Jordan’s foundation rests on all the elements of our U.S. Constitution, not just part of it, and that’s why he will get my vote. His loyalty is to the people, liberty and justice, and upholding the Constitution; not in the interests of big government, unreliable self-serving politicians in Washington DC and their unconstitutional agendas that have a negative trickle-down effect that eats at our constitutional rights like a cancer.

Our Constitution is under attack and many politicians have put their careers and personal interests above what is best for the people, they are supposed to serve the people but instead constantly look for new ways to make the people to serve them. Our Governor, Mike DeWine has introduced the “Strong Ohio” bill, its core is the “Red Flag Law” which is staged as a cure for gun violence when in reality it is a cloaked attack on our Constitution. Jordan understands and opposes these laws because they stand in violation of our Second Amendment rights, they allow the government to take one’s personal property or jail them without due process of law leaving honest citizens guilty until proven innocent, the opposite of what our constitution mandates. Jordan is fighting for our rights and will continue do so when elected. A vote for Mark Jordan helps to insure our liberties will be protected from the socialist agenda that endeavors to steal our constitutional rights and liberty.

We are at a crossroads folks; we live in changing times, and now is the time for change. We need a leader, not a follower —- Mark Jordan is a proven leader – vote for confidence, vote for Jordan.

Matt Clayton