Rescue squad has plan in place

To the editor:

As the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to grow, we would like to assure all residents and visitors of Fort Loramie, and the surrounding areas serviced by FLRS, that Fort Loramie Rescue Squad has a plan in place to respond to and treat any potential cases of Covid-19, in addition to responding to our normal 911 calls.

Out of abundance of caution, and to protect our EMS personnel as well as the people we serve, you may see us responding in additional PPE (personal protective equipment) above what we would normally use, including, but not limited to, masks, gowns/coveralls, and safety glasses. This additional PPE is to reduce our risk of exposure, and in turn reduce your risk of exposure as well. It is not an indication that we or a patient has been exposed, it is an additional step we are taking to ensure everyone’s safety. Again, please do not assume your neighbor has Covid-19 if we respond wearing the extra PPE. We are being extra vigilant about safety; yours and ours.

When you call 911, our dispatchers will be asking additional questions regarding symptoms of a Covid-19 infection. Please be patient with them, and as open and forthcoming as you can be in answering the questions. The additional screening is in place to help us respond to and treat you appropriately. They want to be sure it is medically necessary to send a squad so as not to take an ambulance and personnel out of service unnecessarily.

During this time, FLRS is implementing some changes, effective immediately and until further notice. We have restricted access to our squad building to working personnel only. We are not allowing visitors, classes, meetings, etc. In addition, we are limiting passengers riding with patients to parents of a minor only if necessary for patient care, symptom historians for patients showing signs of a stroke, and caregivers/interpreters only if necessary for patient care. Any passenger meeting that criteria will be seated in the patient area and secured with a seatbelt at all times. Please do not ask us to make exceptions to do this, as we are not able to accommodate you at this time. All of the area hospitals have implemented strict visitation policies. If we transport your loved one to the hospital, please do not follow us into the emergency department, as you will be denied access. Please check the policy in effect for the hospital we are transporting to prior to leaving your residence/scene of the call.

All requests for information from FLRS will be handled via telephone (937-295-2950) or email ( only. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Be safe everyone,

Shriley Jones

Training officer and

the Fort Loramie Rescue Squad