Truck drivers deserve appreciation, too

To the editor:

I would like to say I appreciate our first responders and our medical staff. I never hear a “Thank You” to our truck drivers. Their the ones keeping this country going. We’re out here bringing product around the world. We have trouble finding food. We’re not alloud to use the bathrooms where we deliver. There have been showers and rest areas closed down. We get no respect. Yet we still make sure product is delivered everyday, so the country gets what they need. I feel we are being very disrespected. I notice fast food restaurants are providing free food to our first responders, and nurses which is great. What about the truck drivers taking their lives into their own hands everyday? Away from there family for weeks-on-end so everyone gets what they need. So if you see a driver out sitting in his or her truck delivering somewhere, buy them a sandwich. I’m sure they would greatly appreciate it. Some of these drivers are not getting food for days-on-end. We’re human and have family as well.

Linda G. Whittle

Port Jefferson