Local health care providers need support

To the editor:

The Covid19 virus pandemic has demonstrated to us the wide-ranging impact that our government leaders’ decisions have on all industries. Our local healthcare system is no exception. While the national media has focused on the men and women called to help those impacted by the virus, many other practitioners were asked to restrict activity to help preserve personal protective equipment (PPE). In many instances doing so came at an enormous personal and professional sacrifice.

Hospitals, doctors and dentists’ offices run like any other business. Fewer or no patients served means less or no revenue. This was not their decision, but one that was forcefully imposed by our government with very little notice or input. As the economy opens back up, we will need a strong and supported health care system to properly serve the back log of medical patients.

As Congress and the U.S. Senate decide on funding for these organizations, I ask Senator Portman to realize the negative impact the health care providers in our small community’s feel is often great then those in larger metropolitan areas. For example, the combined revenue of Joint Township District Memorial Hospital in St. Mary’s, Wilson Health in Sidney and Mercer Health in Coldwater is over three billion less than the revenue of Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton alone. The loss of even one elective surgery in our area is much greater than the loss of larger systems. As Congress continues to discuss funding, I hope they realize the impact felt by those that serve our needs in rural west-central Ohio.


Wes Farno