‘God said this’

To the editor:

The living Bible 58) ”justice “You high and mighty “politicians” don’t even know the meaning of the word! Fairness? Which of you has any left? Not one! All your dealings are crooked: you give justice in exchange for bribes. These men are born sinners, lying from their earliest words. They are poisonous as deadly snakes, cobras that close their ears to the most expert of charmers. O lord, break off their gangs. Tear out the teeth of these young lions, Lord. Let them disappear like water into thirsty ground. Make their weapons useless in their hands Let them be as snails that dissolve into slime, and as those who die at birth, who never see the sun. God will sweep away both old and young. He will destroy them more quickly than a cooking pot can feel the blazing fire of thorns beneath it. The godly shall rejoice in the triumph of right. They shall walk the blood-stained fields of slaughtered, wicked men.

Then at last everyone will know that good is rewarded and that there is a God who judges justly here on earth. I said this God always has the last word: President Donald J.Trump is a lot like JFK they aren’t yes man. They always get the jobs done. Here is a Question? The Democrats wants to get rid of the President so they can have power and control of the House. The President going to stand his ground no matter what they say. Why don’t you democrats do your jobs, and get off the Presidents back (kangaroo Court) a set up. This Gossip ruined his reputation and his honor. We the People shouldn’t vote for candidate with forfeit tongues. The Democratic criticized everything the President Donald J. Trump does. Why? They can’t control him!

Arlene Lee Bachman

Van Wert